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Given the complex and perplex nature of all paranormal phenomena, it can be a conjectural task –at the least-- to write on the topic. My intent of opining on the subject is by no means to change your belief on the topic as I do not pretend to have all the answers or explanations to all paranormal events around the world or in Cameroon. Just like you, I have heard many of the stories from Cameroon on witchcraft and sorceries, supernatural powers attributed to some people and the proliferation of the so called occult practices.


Some have raised some –legitimate-- concerns on occult practices and seem to hold it responsible for the decaying of the moral fiber of our society. I am honestly not quite sure what to make of these stories, but I like to bring some context and rational to the subject.


The word "occult" derives from the Latin word “Occultus” meaning secret or hidden. It refers to the secret or hidden knowledge of the paranormal or esoteric knowledge. Esoteric knowledge and occult science are known to exist virtually since the beginning of time. Ancient Egyptians were known to study and teach “Esoterism” and metaphysics since the early dynasties. The holy Bible indicates that man is made of Spirit, Soul and Body. Christianity further asserts that man’s spirit is the immaterial part of his entity that communicates with higher powers or God. If we agree on the last two assertions, then we arrive at the acceptance of the existence of a Spiritual realm, which is necessarily immaterial, mystical and supernatural.

The object of any virtuous occult teachings is to initiate man into this realm of spirit and get him to leverage on his inherent –and perhaps unknown-- capabilities during the course of his existence on earth. If you are a Christian, then you may know that the Catholic church will submit you to several initiatory rituals before you become a father or a bishop in the church. You may have noticed or practiced the burning of incense and candles, the eating of communion and drinking of wine –which symbolize the flesh and the blood of the messiah respectively-- Other rituals such as baptism are also practiced in the Christian church.

These rituals are intended to open man’s metaphorical third eye and initiate him into the world of spirits. Most Christians –especially in Africa-- may or may not know what these ancient orthodox rituals are about. Why all these rituals ? What do they mean ? Why would you want to eat communion if it symbolizes the flesh of the messiah or partake of the wine if it represents his blood ? Can they be demonic ?



Probably not. It will be simplistic to characterize all what is practiced in the Catholic church as demonic. But the truth is, it’s not. Jesus Christ initiated his disciples and practiced some of these rituals himself during the course of his mission on earth. The intent behind these rituals was to cleanse or purify the spirit of the initiate. It was never intended –at least from the biblical stand point-- to bring damnation, hurt or destruction of any kind to any human being. So, a ritual in and of itself, is not necessarily demonic, provided that the actions to perform the ritual are not immoral --such as taking a human life or drinking blood--. What can be evil is the intent of the ritual, or the reason to practice the ritual.

All over Africa, there are great ancient rituals practiced by several tribes and ethnic groups, all of which should be accepted if the intent behind the ritual, and the actions required to perform the rituals are virtuous and acceptable to the rational mind.

The quest for knowledge through initiation into the world of mysteries and secrets is not and cannot be a demonic thing necessarily. What can be evil, is the intent in acquiring this knowledge or the perversion of the practices known to these ancient orthodox doctrines. How you acquire this knowledge and what you do with this knowledge once you have been initiated into the mysteries is quintessential to the study of these ancient creeds. The “how you acquire this knowledge” is beyond the scope of this writing, so I will only opine on the “what you do with this knowledge”. Just as a pig wouldn’t know what to do with pearls, the same is true of a dark minded man being initiated into the mysteries of the spirit realm, because he will assert these powers to selfish desires and mean spirited goals instead of advancing God’s higher purpose for creation.

So, we must draw a fine distinction between the devilish practice of sorcery and witchcraft –represented by the “Juju man”-- which is really heresy –possibly some form of insanity-- and the virtuous practice of esoteric teachings intended to illuminate the human spirit and initiate it to the mysteries of the human existence. Also, we should make the distinction between the so call “Native Doctor” or “Traditional Doctor” who is just someone with some knowledge of the therapeutic and healing virtues of plants and herbs and the “Juju man” who claims to have supernatural powers such as invocations, spell casting, spiritual manipulation. Traditional or Alternative medicine is known to have earned credibility in the face of modern science. Acupuncture, the Ayuverdic Science in India and the Chinese alternative medicine --with over 5000 documented plants and herbs-- are all acceptable forms of practices when properly regulated and guided by law. Whereas, the heresy, lunacy,--possibly insanity—practiced by the “Juju man” must be taken with great skepticism at best.

The weird phenomenon observed in Cameroon today and other countries like India is a an obscure perversion of occult science –motivated by the low instinct of the human desire for instant gratification-- and should not be confused with the practice of occultism as known to modern orthodox cults such as Amorc, Freemasonry, Scientology, the Jewish Kabbalah, and even the Vatican. Neither should this lunatic and heretic phenomenon be confused with the well intended "Native Doctor" trying to treat an ailment by the virtue of natural plants and herbs.


The argument that all occult practices are necessarily demonic, is probably a little simplistic and stems from the lack of knowledge of what occultism is all about. Occult science tries to initiate man into the spirit realm. It’s fundamental premise is that the hidden knowledge and the secrets of supernatural powers lie within man and within the Universe. Man must be metaphorically born again –through initiation and the opening of his proverbial third eye—before the knowledge –somehow buried-- from within him can be revealed to his intellect or his mind.

The unorthodox practices recorded in Cameroon today such as child rape and other sexual perversions, drinking of human blood, taking of human life, walking naked, the so called Nyongo, Famlah and other insane or lunatic behavior are just a pathological perversion of these ancient orthodox practices, and must be dealt with through a legal framework. This is hallucination and/or insanity at the very least. Some of these people are simply dark minded human beings –possibly insane or under the influence of hallucinogens-- who must be held accountable and punished by the law if and when it’s determined that a psychical, psychological or physical harm has been inflicted on another. The people who ascribe to the dark practices of witchcraft and black magic are not occultist and certainly are not Spiritual people.


In my view, this societal phenomenon can be attributed to illiteracy and spiritual ignorance –exacerbated by the extreme suffering and sorrow of our people caused by poverty, hopelessness, depression and hash economic conditions—. It’s truly an expression of the desperation of our people looking for a way out of the human misery on earth to which they are subjected to. Extreme economic frustrations will lead people to extreme measures. Some others, are people with a distorted understanding of what ancient and orthodox esoteric teachings are all about and as such must be held accountable for any damage they may cause to society.

While we aspire to build a free society, it’s important that the people understand the boundaries of personal freedom. The exercise of one’s liberty does not preclude personal responsibility and accountability. The expression of one’s freedom of religion, opinion –or any belief-- should not intentionally inflict damage or harm to another. If and when this happens, it’s simply a violation of another’s freedom, and must be dealt with, within the legal framework of society.

The single most effective protection against witchcraft and demonic influences as observed in Cameroon today is to stay away from the heretic “Juju Man”. And in so doing, the force of the Universe, by virtue of the laws of cause and effect will respect and protect your boundary. This is illustrated in holy scriptures in the book of Psalm 37:27-28:

“Turn from evil and do good; then you will dwell in the land forever. For the Lord loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones. They will be protected forever”  ---Psalm 37:27-28---

For instance, a man or a woman who makes a trip to the local Juju man in exchange of any supernatural powers of seduction --the so called “Charm” or “Tobassi”-- of a spouse or a concubine is exposing him or her self to the influence of this demonic phenomenon. Influence, which is really just a reaction to the cause engendered when the trip was made to the Juju man. The trip to the “Juju man” is the causal link of your vulnerability or loss of protection against the very same demons that you have allowed into your life, and into the realm of possibilities of your reality. It’s the law of "Cause and Effect" or Karma in action. The prime law of the Universe.

Esoteric teaching is not about carrying actions on others that may cause harm or exploit them in any way. Rather, it’s about the search of the knowledge of SELF, just as baptism, the eating of communion, the burning of incense and candles, meditation, visualization, positive affirmation, contemplation are all about learning about the SELF or one’s true SELF. It’s about getting into the depth of the mystery of your own existence --from within and without-- and leverage upon whatever findings may be revealed to you by the powers of the Universe. It’s strictly a personal journey of introspection to the core of your being and the Universe. The great scientists of the past, such as Isaac Newton, Galileo, Albert Einstein, philosophers such are Aristotle, Socrates, Plato and the Pharos in ancient Egypt such as Akhenaton, Amenhotep and others were all known to ascribe to esoteric teachings. In modern societies such as France, Germany, USA, Japan and others, many people are part of esoteric or occult societies such as Freamasonery, Amorc, Scientology, Karbala and others. These are the people who work tirelessly, selflessly and collaboratively, but more importantly in a very discrete manner to advance society, just as the local priest and some members of his congregation will do fasting and prayer war for several days and nights in the church. "We are the prayer warriors, my octogenarian mother would say". They are the ones who pull the strings behind the cotton, trying to steer society in the direction they believe is right. Now, it would be naïve and unfair to characterize such people as evil. Because, they are not. They are just people –like you and me-- who hold certain beliefs of society and of their Country, and who work tirelessly and collaboratively –within the confines of the Law-- to have their beliefs prevail, just as a Christian Evangelist will go around seeking to convert people to Christianity.

It is a fact that no society in the history of mankind is known to have prospered by means of Witchcraft, Famlah or any other dark spiritual doctrine. To the contrary, demonic spiritual practice is alleged to have destroyed entire civilization and bring curse and damnation to its people such as in Ancient Egypt by some account. It may very well be that sub-Saharan Africa is currently under the spell or curse of these dark spiritual practices.

Witchcraft and all the other nonsense that we see in Africa are just dark and stupid spiritual practices that have no bearing in the advancement of society, and as such must be marginalized, criminalized –when applicable-- and destroyed. The modern societies of Europe –France and Great Britain—went through a cleansing of witchcraft and sorcery in the eighteenth century when a massive “Witch Hunt” was declared, resulting in the execution by hanging of several witches and sorcerers. It was believed by the Europeans, that witchcraft and sorcery would bring curse and damnation to their society as it is alleged to have done to the Ancient Egyptian civilization.

It’s time for the people of Africa to start believing in something greater than themselves and go to work in a collaborative way, in order to transform society for the good of all. Collaboration and hard work is what we need, not witchcraft. Witchcraft is certainly not the way to go. Witchcraft will only accelerate the decay of the moral fiber of our society and lead to its destruction.It will –potentially-- bring curse and damnation to our people and country.

The sub-Saharan nation of Zaire (currently known as the Democratic Republic of Congo) was alleged to have taken an entire air fleet of the most powerful African “Juju men” to the 1974 World Cup hosted in the former West Germany. The result 2-0, 9-0 and 3-0 defeats respectively to Scotland, Yugoslavia and Brazil.

Five years ago, I met someone from Cameroon –whom I will not disclose here— who told me that, there was a “Juju man” from his village who could fly you from Cameroon to the USA at night through some kind of levitation. Really, I replied. Then I asked: How did you come to America then ? He murmured for a few seconds and said, Air France. Why then go through Air France with all the headaches of getting a passport, a visa and an air ticket when a local “Juju guy” could do the trick for cheap ? I asked.

Some other Cameroonian told me about how people in his village could die in one place and somehow resurrect in another country and continue a joyful and peaceful life ever after. Well, I offered him $2,000 if he could help me meet one such a person. At the time of this writing, he has not contacted me to collect this somewhat healthy ransom.

Another Cameroonian told me how there are people in his village who can stop bullets from fire arms. Really ? Another talked about the sending thunder. Why not ? Why don’t we use this powers to free Cameroon from these dictators in power now for so long ? That will spare the lives of the young people fighting and dying for freedom. Hey, by the way, why didn’t we just "Thunderize" out the colonial master instead of watching --hopelessly and helplessly-- the Germans execute Douala Manga Bell, or the French crucify Um Nyobe ? How about an army of soldiers who can stop bullets ? We will have the most powerful and invincible army of all times ! No more need to buy the foreign made AK47s, M16s and Kalashnikovs..

Another talked about how people can disappear in one place and reappear in another. Wow ! Osama Bin Laden –the biggest terrorist of all time-- certainly did not know about this in that cool night of May, in AbottAbad –Pakistan-- when the Seals break into his refuge.

How many more evidence do we need to come to the understanding that Witchcraft will not deliver us a prosperous and vibrant society ? Again, there is unquestionable empirical evidence that Witchcraft and Sorcery has never advanced any society.

The people in power in Cameroon who are alleged to be part of these cults, -- if they are known to be evil --are not evil because they had joined a modern cult –such as Amorc, Freemasonry, Karbala or others --. They are simply not people with high conviction and dedication to improve society, the country and mankind. They simply are not people dedicated to the cause of building a better country than the one they inherited. They are people who seek power for self-aggrandizement and personal instant gratification. That’s why we need to get them out and free our country. It has nothing to do with witchcraft. It has all to do with people without conviction and without dedication to building a better country and a better a better life for their fellow citizens.

Perhaps the cults in Cameroon should have pre-requisites in recruiting their members if their goal is to advance the cause of man, and build a better country for our children and generations to come. Cults that abide to higher principles will not accept people to their ranks who do not meet certain requirements or who are not ready to make the personal changes required to meet the requisites. Just as some requisites must be met before the Catholic Church will make someone a Father or a Bishop.

It’s generally granted that most of the political leadership in European countries –like France, England, Germany-- and the USA also ascribe to occult initiation. However the leaders in these countries work to serve and advance the interest of their people and their country. Why can’t this be the same for our African leaders ? Cult or no cult, we the people of Cameroon, --and sub-Saharan Africa-- must begin to establish a good moral guideline that will serve as the baseline of acceptable societal conduct. Then once in a leadership position, we will be attuned to higher principles such as the respect for human dignity, freedom, equality and justice. The new generation of Africans --this generation of hope and promise, full of capabilities--  must aspire to be part of something greater than themselves. That’s how the knowledge of SELF and of the common good can be revealed from within.


“Any belief you may hold is only as strong and meaningful if your spirit bears witness to its truthfulness. If you perpetuate a belief for which your spirit bears false witness, it amounts to heresy and/or lunacy. In the end, the belief amounts to nonsense.” ---ANST---


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