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For centuries, the African continent, which some have labeled the cradle of mankind, has suffered from slavery and colonization. For decades, the continent has been ravaged by totalitarianism, dictatorship and post-colonial exploitation, tribal and ethnic wars and cleansing, humiliating poverty, devastating diseases, bad governance, lawlessness and lack of basic infrastructure. It comes as no surprise that the African continent and its people, the Africans, are percieved as the least relevant, the least competent, the least competitive and the least respected people, of all the continents and virtually on all counts. This stereotypically unfair perception of our people is unfortunate. But it’s what we have to put up with on a daily basis on the streets, at work or even at home watching TV.



We as a people have the responsibility to respond to the urgency of the time. The responsibility that challenges us to come together and work out solutions that will make life just a little better for our people. The responsibility that compels us to strive to leave a country and continent to our children, better than the one we inherited. The responsibility that summons the good spirit of our people to respond to the urgent call of our time. The responsibility that informs us that this new generation of Africans, full of capacity and capability, unlike the generations before, has travelled, lived and schooled virtually in every part of the modern world, will not and cannot stand idly by while our people yearn for freedom and cry out for help. The responsibility that we have the moral obligation to restore our dignity, our respect and our humanity. We must become stake holders of the future of our countries and our continent. We have the individual and collective responsibilities to think hard and feel deep about how each and every one of us can contribute to this noble and just cause. To this cause, the ANST was founded and to this cause will the ANST be devoted.

The paramount objective of the “African New School of Thought” (ANST) is to bring Africans from all works of life to a place where they try to look into the problems facing our society and attempt to look for solutions to these problems. I understand that whenever you bring people of different educational background, different cultures, different values and belief systems, they may not necessarily agree on everything. The goal here is not to agree on everything. Not even my wife and I agree on a lot of things these days. Humans have feelings and emotions. They have their own unique knowledge and experience that make them who they are and unique in many respects. In that regard, no two human beings on earth are identical. And we should certainly appreciate this uniqueness in diversity. It’s an asset not a liability.

The central premise of the “African new school of thought” is that debating these ideas is more than just an abstract. The debates will gradually, over the course of time, lead to a process of natural selection where all, or parts of different thoughts will be concatenated to build a bloc of consensus thinking that will become mainstream ideas and solutions. Mainstream ideas are those ideas that are readily acceptable by a large majority. It is a consensus, a middle ground where ideas are reduced to that common denominator that reconciles our diverse ethos, culture, knowledge and experience consistent with our collective thought process. Even though we do not necessarily intend to engage political power to bring these ideas to fruition, we welcome those involved in politics to freely use the thoughts expressed in this forum as a baseline for their political arguments.

We are particularly interested in those who have genuine concerns of the problems facing our countries and would like to use a collaborative environment to share and fine tune some of their thoughts and improve on the ideas of others in a respectful way. We appreciate the premise that all ideas can be improved upon, and made helpful to society and mankind. The main idea of collaborating is that we can debate ideas, learn from each other, fine tune and improve on our thought process, and gradually learn how to be more inclusive, tolerant and moderate in the way we express our ideas and beliefs. It is my belief that ideas are only meaningful and helpful when they are shared with others and leveraged upon for the use of the collective.

Starting with some ground rule: This is not the place for people to demonstrate their big ego or to show how much they know more than others. This is not the place to seek self aggrandizement for the knowledge you have acquired. This is not the place to show others how many Bachelors, Masters or PhDs you may have in whatever field, or how an intelligent human being you may be. This is not the place to establish comparisons between your knowledge and that of others and conclude who is smarter than who or who knows more than who. This is not a place for pettiness, self centeredness and egocentrism. This is not the place to express prejudice based on tribal, ethnic or linguistic origins or any other human attribute. This is not the place to express hate, anger and envy. And this is certainly not the place for bigotry and demagoguery. If the hat fits you, please stay away from this forum.

We seek people who are attuned to higher principles such as humility, tolerance, inclusiveness and compassionateness. We seek people with genuine concerns with the continual decay of our continent, and want to commit to the cause of change and make life better for our fellow man. People dedicated to the cause of leaving a country to our children, better than the one we inherited. People who aspire to be a part of something greater than themselves. People who are very passionate on the topics of our times, but respectful to the ideas of others even when in disagreement. Yes we will disagree on a lot of topics, but we will express our disagreements in a respectful and respectable way. We will disagree without being disagreeable. We will limit the debates to ideas only and not personality. We will be particularly prudent when expressing our disagreements and do so in a way that preserves the harmony and dignity of all. The intent should always be to improve and create and never to diminish and destroy.

The central premise for changing our country is that when the people become knowledgeable and conscious enough of the problems of society and the country, when they become aware of the urgent need and necessity to be a stake holder of society and their own country, they will engender the progressive leap that will effectively change and transform society. Change must happen from bottom up and not the other way around. Change must first occur from within you. When you change from within, –when you overcome your own impulses of fear, hate, envy, tribalism and corruption, prejudice, self aggrandizement--, the world from without you will change for the better. You are the change you have been waiting for. Become a stake holder of the future of your country. Get involved in something bigger than yourself. Challenge your mind and intellect on what you can do to change something in your country and make it better. Challenge yourself to imagine the world as it’s never been and ask why not.Dedicate yourself to the cause of change by educating our people on the topics and problems of our time. Engage in selective problem solving reading to expand your mind, and your knowledge on the subjects of our time. Do right by any position of responsibility you may have. Say no to tribalism, bribery, corruption and other plights that undermine our society. Stand up for what’s right, fair and just. Try to make right of any wrong you see, for if you don’t, no one will. Your president, your ministers, your Government are not the change you are waiting for, you are. It's really up to you...



“We must learn to stand up and fight for what we believe is right and just. For if we don’t stand up for what’s right, we will be caused to stumble by the wrongs of others” –ANST--

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them" -- Albert Einstein--

"Your president, your ministers, your Government are not the change you are waiting for, you are." –ANST--

"The same causes will produce the same effects. We must think differently to reach a different outcome." –ANST—

"There is always a better way to do anything. It's your responsibility to find out how" --The ANST--


"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." --Eleanor Roosevelt: Wife of Theodore Roosevelt--


“Ask not what your country can do for you -- Ask what can you do for your country” --President John Kennedy--


"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." –Benjamin Franklyn.—


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