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The success of the Jews today is mostly attributed to the teachings of their religion. Judaism is perhaps the most gnostic of all contemporary religions of our time. Like other religions, the teachings of Judaism are based on set of premises on the existence of a supreme Being, --call it God, Yawe, Jehova, Allah, or whatever you want--, but unlike other religions, it focuses its fundamental teachings on human reason, human rational and love.

So for most Jews, once you have reconciled your thought process with the laws of the Universe, intelligent decision making and hard work become the indispensable aspects of human life that lead to success, joy and fulfillment.


In other words, Judaism teaches that prayers alone will not get you anywhere. Positive and just actions are needed to bring your personal desires --and Gods work on earth-- to materialization. The Universe is governed by one and only one law: The Law of Cause and Effect. 

If you do nothing, not much will happen around you, regardless of how hard you pray or how many prayers you say. Based on the thoughts that originated within the Divine mind, God himself had to take actions to bring the world to materialization. –Courtesy the book of Genesis--

So, if you input any action in the world, –positive or negative--, by virtue of the Universal law of cause and effect, there will be a reaction –of the same polarity-- to that action . Good for good, evil for evil. It is that simple. That’s the law of cause and effect in action. The only law that governs the Universe. 

We have written articles about the version of Christianity that was introduced in Sub-Saharan Africa by European colonialism. A religion that falsely teaches our people that faith alone –even without action and personal responsibility— will make them whole. A religion that teaches our people that, just keep praying and do nothing, mana will fall from the heaven and we will be all happy ever after. Pray all day, do nothing else and you will rip eternal salvation in the after life. If slapped on one cheek, turn the other cheek, because God is good, alleluia !?.

And when the Colonial master exploits and enslaves you, do nothing, just pray and the evil will go away and we will all be alright. A religion, which iconography shows God as white and Satan as black. And we can go on and on. Are these really Religious teachings or Conspiratorial philosophies to brainwash you ?


This is the kind of Religion that we don’t want and that we don’t need. If you want a more reasonable, a more rational, a more gnostic religion, then turn to Judaism. Faith and belief must be strengthened, upheld and justified by reason. That is why God gave us a brain and a reasoning faculty. If a teaching does not sound right to your reasoning, it probably isn’t right. And if a Religion tends to deprive you from your reasoning faculties, then get the hell out before it is too late.

For those who are Christians, ask yourselves the following questions:

1-    What Religion did Jesus practice when he lived on this earth ? (Judaism right ?).

2-    What is the Holy Book that Jesus carried when he lived among us ? (The Torah right ? )

3-    Did Jesus ever said that his mission on earth was to create a new religion called Christianity ? (No. Read your new testament carefully, and you won’t find any reference of that).

So if you love Jesus, why not do as Jesus did. Get the Torah and practice Judaism. Judaism must be the original and Christianity is only a veiled copy !

Jesus did not found Christianity. Christianity was founded some 100 years after Christ had passed. And the twisted version of Christianity that was introduced to our shores originated from the Rome of Emperor Constatine at the Council of Nicea. A council formed by a politician –not a theologian—for political reasons.

Now, I can hear you say to yourself: Gosh, have I been tricked all my live up until this point ? YES and NO. YES, because the whole story was not told to you. And NO because you found JESUS, your Lord and Savior.

Our beloved brothers and sisters who have dedicated all their lives, going to church and praying diligently to Jesus, have found great peace, solace and healing in the comforting and inspiring words of love from Jesus, the Christ. And may you all be blessed for eternity.

And my intentions here are by no means to diminish that.  What I am saying here, is that Jesus lived and died for the sins of mankind. But wolves in sheep clothing exploited his teachings to enslave others for their egocentric benefits. And it is time for us to wake up.

The immense wisdom and love in the –reel-- teachings of Jesus will always bring joy, comfort and peace to the human heart. But the teacher –or the colonial Master—defrauded and falsified the script and intentionally hide some of the truths from you.  And you have the responsibility to find what has been hidden from you, to bring wholeness and fullness to your joy on earth. And I believe Judaism will bring just that to you, because JESUS himself was a Jew who carried the Torah, practiced Judaism and preached in Synagogues during his stay on earth.

Our lives are here and now on earth. When we die we will see whatever happens on the other side. But until then, we must right the wrongs around us. We must make society right and just. We must seek justice and truth.  We must believe in hard work, perseverance and persistence. God hates the lazy and rewards the hard working. These are the values that Judaism preaches.

And let no Religion teach you that fighting for your rights on earth is not worth it. Let no Religion teach you that when smitten on one cheek, show the other because such a teaching is contrary to human reason. Let no Religion teach you that God is white even as it also teaches you that God is Spirit. Let no Religion teach you that faith alone without action will make you whole, because it won’t.

The immense and widely celebrated success and discipline of the Jews are attributed to Judaism --their Religion – and its gnostic and rational teachings based of human reason, and premised on the existence of a supreme being. If you want a better Religion, practice Judaism, because Jesus was a Jew, he carried the Holy Torah and practiced only Judaism on earth. He preached in Synagogues and was called Rabbi.

The Roman Christianity --and its variations-- as we know it in Sub-Saharan Africa today is confusing and destroying our people more than it is helping them. It encourages laziness, inaction and confines them to a state of mental paralysis.

So we must take our baby JESUS out the Roman dirty bath water, worship him as Lord and Savior and let the paganic Romans keep their twisted so called Christianity that they invented for themselves. Let us give to Cesar what belong to Cesar, and give Lordship to JESUS the Christ, and we will be better off.

Below are the seven most powerful principle of Judaism as taught to the Jewish children from the time they were born. Read it and understand where the Jewish people draw their knowledge and inspiration and why they are so successful in all fields in the world today. Think about the effect of teaching young children these values at birth.

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Here are the seven most powerful ideas in Judaism that have catalyzed Jewish renewal, time and time again. I'll teach you how you can apply them to your life.

1. "Every descent is for the sake of a future ascent" (Hasidic wisdom). Never perceive a failure (descent) as an isolated event. It's part of a learning curve. Broaden your lens a little and you will see this temporary setback as a tiny cog in a huge engine of overall progress.

What paralyzes us the most when it comes to taking action is the fear of failure. If you can program your brain to see everything that happens, no matter how bad it seems, as part of a process, then you can neutralize that fear.

Failure is a judgment that you make. If you frame each "descent" (regression) in your life as a necessary phase of future growth you will bounce out of every problem with relative ease.

2. Hard work is crucial to success. No exceptions (The Talmud). Forget any dreams of your life miraculously improving. Most people that win the lottery lose all their money within three years because they don't know what to do with it. Judaism teaches that you must work hard to succeed. It sounds so simple, but in the back of our minds we are all hoping for some sort of major, unearned break. So just forget about it. Something "free" is always tempting but ultimately it is "bread of shame": it compromises your sense of dignity and adequacy. If someone says, "I have worked hard, and I have not been successful," don't believe him. If someone says, "I have not worked hard and I have been successful," don't believe him. If someone says, "I have worked hard, and I have been successful," believe him!(The Talmud).

3. "A person should always say, 'The world was created for my sake'" (The Talmud). Obviously the world wasn't created for your sake and this is not an invitation to become a bigot. What the Talmud is teaching you to say is: I am totally responsible for my world. It's always very relieving to blame someone for your problems -- your parents, boss or maybe just bad luck. But that would mean that your life is just a tiny, irrelevant footnote to the real action on this planet, and that's not true. You were built to cope with whatever comes your way. In the Bible, when Joseph was reunited with his brothers who had tried to kill him and then sold him to slavery, he didn't even get angry with them. He understood that he was totally responsible for everything that came his way and that it's part of a bigger plan.

4. "Action is the most important thing" (Ethics of the Fathers). Do you know everything about electricity before turning on a light? Do you study aviation before getting on a plane? To be successful in life you need to prioritize action over planing, practice over theory. Obviously, I'm not suggesting that you act irresponsibly; it's just a question of emphasis. Don't allow yourself to pontificate for too long before actually doing something. Always look for the practical relevance of every idea.

5. "Since the Temple was destroyed God can only be found in the four cubits of law"(The Talmud). Personally, I hate following laws. I love to be unhampered, free-spirited and autonomous. But if you just do whatever you want, whenever you want, you will lack an important ingredient for your success: personal integrity. You know how the old joke goes, "I have standards, and if you don't like them then ... I have others." Well, that's a problem. If you know in your heart that you are not a person of integrity it will paralyze you. As humans, we need to be convinced that there is something essentially good and upright about us in order to function properly. So the "four cubits of the law" are crucial for our personal integrity.

6. "Words that come from the heart enter the heart" (The Sages). You can best understand this one by inverting it: "Words that don't come from the heart will not enter someone else's heart." Usually, we think that if we are sincere but fail to get the intended message across then it's the other person's fault. After all, you were genuine and you meant what you said, so it must be the other guy who is being a jerk. Judaism says no. You must judge the sincerity of your words by the results that they evoke. The human heart is wonderfully receptive. If you pull the right strings, it always responds. So when you fail to communicate, blame yourself. You can always enter someone else's heart if you get it right.

7. "All the days of your life are to bring the Messiah" (The Sages). Whether or not you believe in the idea of a Messiah, you can benefit tremendously from this teaching. The point is: You must do whatever it takes to get the job done. Commitment is the most powerful motivational tool that exists. The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Schneerson (1902-1994), built the largest Jewish organization in the world through teaching his disciples the value of commitment. You stay the course. You do whatever it takes. The possible you do right away, the impossible might take a little longer, but you will get it done. So ask yourself today: Am I just interested in my goals or am I committed to them? 

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