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Secrets have always been a part of human life. If you have any information or knowledge that you are not entitled or willing to freely share with everyone, then you have a secret. If you and your wife or a friend have something that you both wouldn’t want a third person to know, then the two of you constitute a secret party of two. Secrets are those things that we cherish and hold dear in some way. It’s what creates and maintains a bond of trust between people who share the same origin and the same interest. It’s a trust relationship or partnership that assures us and makes us feel safe and secure.



A secret can stem from something you hate so obsessively to something you love passionately. It could be something that you are willing and ready to live or die for. When we share our secrets with someone, we give them the key, the password or the secret code that unlocks the door to an area of our life, we give them the combination that deciphers the cryptic neural pathways in our minds. We allow them to eavesdrop into our thought process and our mind. And whenever we share the key to a secret that we hold dear, we necessarily make ourselves vulnerable to the newly trustee.



This is precisely why the path to initiation to any secret must necessarily be narrow. Secrets must only be confided to those who have earned the privilege and the trust to be entrusted with it. Secrets must only be revealed to those who have acquired the knowledge, the discipline, the restraint, the confidence, the strength of character to respect and protect the secret even at any cost. As an individual, a group or a nation, there are secrets that we must preserve and protect.


For an individual, it could be a medical record, a family secret, a secret vow between spouses. For a group, it could be ethnic rituals, esoteric knowledge that protects the community. For a nation, it could be intelligence, military secrets, war strategies, confidential information at high places of our Government, the technics and strategies to protect the institutions of the country and the President.


Secrets must only be shared with those who have been prepared, groomed and ready to be entrusted with the need to know. Those with the character, the discipline to be confided to. In the Catholic church, the prospective high priest goes through initiations, secret rituals, recitation of secret mantras and chants before finally being ordained to the high priesthood where esoteric knowledge of the church is revealed to him.


“And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.” Matthew 13:10 –11


Looking at these excerpts of the Christian Bible, it appears that Jesus, when in private with his disciples, would speak to them in plain language so they could understand the secrets or mysteries of the kingdom of God. But when the noisy crowd came along, he began to speak in parables, for the noisy crowd was not ready for initiation to the secrets of the kingdom. Jesus and his disciples unquestionably had constituted a secret society. A society where the Master will initiate, perform rituals and share esoteric knowledge with only a few. --his disciples--. People outside of the discipleship were not worthy of --or privy to-- the secret knowledge.


The practice of secrecy protection is not foreign to African traditions. When the next of kin is being enthroned, the African culture has rituals, superstitions and secret practices that prepare him before the high responsibilities are entrusted to him. The only caveat here is that there are as many different secret rituals as there are tribes in Africa. Each one having a proud and tight grip on its own secret rituals and superstitions.



The western culture on the other hand has managed to consolidate their initiations and secret rituals in structures –pejoratively referred to as secret societies-- such as Freemason, the Jewish Kaballah, the Vatican, the Rosicrucian order etc... These societies of fraternity and brotherhood span several countries of the west. This expansion and universality is what makes the modern western secret societies so powerful. Whereas the African people have preserved their own secrets exclusively in tribal structures, which for the most part are working against each other. –making them very limited in scope and influence and vulnerable to foreign influence--.


The African people today don’t seem to understand why their leaders are members of foreign secret societies such as the Freemason and Rosicrucian Order or AMORC. These leaders join these foreign secret societies primarily to preserve their political power and to seek protection from their people that they oppress and fear.



In secret societies, members refers to themselves as brothers –as in Fraternity or Brotherhood-- and as such they have taken the vows to protect each other. Through these societies, they build reliable, trustworthy and brotherly relationships, friendships, and partnerships with foreign powers that will always protect them unconditionally, the same way you would protect or rescue a friend or a brother with whom you share a vitally important secret that must be protected.



The African leaders, for the most part don’t trust their own people. They don’t see their people as trustworthy enough to be entrusted with secrets or be confided to. And even when they reluctantly do, they will only pick a tribesman as confidant, knowing that African people --of different tribes-- are more likely to betray one another. Our people for the most part, do not hold strong believes and convictions for which they are ready unite, fight and even die for. This state of dividedness has made us all vulnerable to foreign entities, and incites our leaders rush to join western societies, as a way to mitigate their vulnerabilities.


So as a people and countries, the African people must seek to create their own modern secret societies that extend beyond the tribal structures. A society in which a Bameleke guy feels as mush a stake holder as a Bamenda, an Ewondo, Bakwery or a Haousa guy. For this to work, such a society must not pledge allegiance to any tribe and must only be based on the merits of the individual. Such a society must be built with archetypes of excellence and good moral conduct. Its iconography must coerce and promote the values and convictions that we hold dear. In its constructs, such a society must integrate our educational system, our schools where the leaders of tomorrow are groomed. And as the young people go through the grooming process, they are gradually being thought the values and identity of their Country and why they are worth protecting.


So how do we as a people create such a structure ? How do we define the criteria for selection ? How do we prepare and groom the young and the brightest to be entrusted with powers and secrets ?

Let us take an inside look in the Western Secret societies and how they operate. Have you ever wondered where American –and Western-- leaders come from ? Have you ever thought about what these people have in common behind the scenes when they are not on TV ? Well, affiliations to these secret societies go way back when they were in Colleges and Universities.


It begins with tracking the smartest and brightest people of society and gradually prepare them  to access the spheres of influence of society. As these brilliant young students move up ladder of academic excellence, they get closer and closer to the pledge of allegiance to the common cause of the country. (Something we don’t have in Africa).



Most graduates from Harvard, Yale and Princeton have a lot in common than you think. Wonder what Obama has in common with Theodore Roosevelt ? Well read about the origins of Harvard. This is how it works. It begins with creating institutions that reward academic excellence. These institutions will grant awards of distinctions  and scholarships to the brightest students as early as in high school. –Phi-Beta-Kappa, Phi-Theta-Kappa, Alpha-Theta-Phi, etc..—


To be eligible for membership to these institutions, the student must attain and maintain academic and moral excellence such as a high GPA, good moral societal conduct, distinguished performance record in certain disciplines. These institutions constitute a funnel that captures the most brilliant, the smartest young people of society and prepare them for the leadership of tomorrow. When these very bright students leave college with a distinction from these institutions, they are prime candidates for ivy league institutions such as Harvard, Yale, MIT or Columbia University. Once in these Ivy league schools, the student can elect to join the society of Freemason.



Harvard and Yale law schools for instance have a Freemasonry lodge right on campus. Is it a coincidence that Barack Obama presided over the Harvard review Law school ? That George Bush and Hillary Clinton were at Yale law school ? Go figure. This is how the leaders of the world are groomed and prepared for leadership.


They started out as the brightest students with excellent academic achievements. The Phi-Theta-Kappa institutions of excellence track these bright students from High school to college and through the Ivy league institutions where they are presented with the option to join the most influential secret societies of the country. Once in these societies of secrets, they are open the doors of power and influence of the country.



These are the folks who become powerful Generals, Chiefs of staff, powerful lawyers and judges, powerful journalists and economists, CEOs of fortune 500 companies, CEOs of the largest banking institutions, Secretaries of States and Presidents. All these people have things in common: the protection of their common interests and country. They think alike, they reason alike, they always support the same causes and they are very effective in achieving the goals that they define.

These are the people who define new world orders that ends up controlling the fate and direction of the free world. This is how the world is governed.


We, the African people have to create our own institutions of power, our circles of influence, our own partnership, friendships and relationships around the power structures of our country, in which we exclude and eradicate all influence of the colonial power. The Institutions we create must be solely based on academic and moral excellence --and not tribal or ethnic affiliation--. The structures we devise must protect the interests of our people and our country.


Don’t spend all your life shouting and screaming injustice --alone-- on the sidelines, for you will surely achieve nothing. Join a group, an order or a society that shares your believes and convictions. As a group, you are all much influential and powerful than when you go it alone. Be a part of something that is bigger than yourself.



Spend some time to read and study the origins of leadership fraternities, sororities and secret societies. These societies are --nothing but-- circles of power and influence. They are spheres of partnerships of Fraternity where the brightest people of society come together and work towards a common goal. It is where they build the bonds of trust and brotherhood that transcend tribes, ethnicity and even race. It’s how they build a bond of principles amongst the brightest and smartest people of society and rally them behind a common and just cause for the country.


Don’t be naïve. Secret societies are not about witchcraft ! You have nothing to fear but fear itself. If you are worried about rituals and commitments, well, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism –and all orthodox religions-- have rituals too. If you have eaten communion –the flesh of Jesus— or partake of the wine –the blood of Jesus--, or burned an incense or light a candle, then you have already performed at least four sacred rituals and you are still alive and breathing !



Just as you say your prayers to Jesus and commit that you will do your best to stay away from sin, so it is with modern secret societies. Knowing how to keep and respect secret is a strength of character that we seek in our leaders. It is a measure of loyalty and trustworthiness. The collective secrets of any country is the unshakable commitment that bonds its people in power. In the absence of such a bond or a circle of trust, leaders will spend their time second guessing each other, mistrusting each other, fighting each other, fearing each other, discriminating based on tribes and eventually destroy each other and the country through "coups d'etat".


The mistrust our leaders have for their people creates insecurity that triggers the worst instincts of these African dictators. Secret societies are structures where we build trust, commitment, relationships and partnerships, influence and power. It allows us to protect our common interests in a confidentially assured way. It’s about building a circle of political influence and power.



Now you may be able to see through the veil of where Barack Obama comes from. Obama has African origins, but he is not the African that you think he is, because he has pledged allegiance to high places that finance his campaign and protect his stay in power, in exchange of executing their agenda for the country. He is the --pretty-- face of a powerful circle of influence and interest in American progressive politics. --from the ivy league state of Massachusetts to California, from the Empire State of New York to Illinois--.


Now before you jump out there and join a secret society, be sure to learn what their core principles are, what they stand for and what their values are. In Africa, you have people with twisted minds who will let you believe that joining their society will make you rich overnight, drinking human blood will make you live longer, and sacrificing your child will bring you wealth.



This is absolute nonsense, stupidity and evil. It’s a distortion and a profound ignorance of what secret societies are all about. Secret societies are not to make you rich and prosperous overnight lying on a couch, while sacrificing human flesh and blood. Secret societies should not be premised on inciting you to hurt, destroy or kill human beings.



Use your common sense, you can’t become rich just by killing human beings, nor will you live longer by sacrificing another human being or drinking human blood !! Such a practice is devilish and will inevitably end up in untimely death and hell. Unfortunately, this is what has created the cynicism and pejorative connotation around the term "Secret Society".



It is yet other instance where the stupidity of the darkest minds of Africa has strayed the people in the wilderness of ignorance, confusion and mental stupor. It is simply a criminal and pathological perversion of what secret societies are all about.


We need societies to unite and build a sacred and trustworthy bond between our people who have high aspirations for the country, people with good moral conduct and intellectual excellence. It’s premised on the idea that when we come together and work collaboratively in a way that inspires trust, when we become part of something bigger than ourselves, when we establish the friendships, the relationships, the partnerships, when we create the circles of influence and power, we can overcome the Colonial Master's trickeries and shenanigans --that perpetually divides us and sets us against each other.--



And in so doing we can move our country forward in its path to freedom and Liberty. When we bond with the people that we respect and trust, --irrespective of tribe, ethnic origin and lingual background-- we can achieve extraordinary things with hard work, perseverance, endurance, commitment and trust.



“If you can’t keep a secret then you are not ready for higher initiation and esoteric knowledge” –ANST Fraternity—

“A man with no secret is like a hollow seed with no potential for growth.”  ” –ANST Fraternity—


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