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Every human being I have ever met is having some kind of conversation --within and without of himself-- on the topic of God. I like to assert that the introspective search for our origins and our creator must be genetically wired into our very consciousness. Being conscious of the finiteness of my own being, I am very humbled by the experience to write on the topic.


As complex and perplex as the topic may be, my own mortality compels me to search for answers only within my own being. I have somehow arrived at the knowledge within my own consciousness that, the only place I can find the Creator must be within me. The deepest secrets of my existence, the mystic of my awareness, the sacredness of my consciousness must lie from “the within”, “the without” and “the all around” me. Acknowledging my struggles and fightings from within, and my fears and reverence from without, I continue to humbly seek. Surrendering to the might of the challenge, I have gradually settled on the position that, perhaps the real question is not Who is God, where is God or how does HE look like, but what does he wants of me. What is it that HE requires from me in the continuum of my existence ? Perhaps this ancient parable states it better: When it comes to things of God, “he who thinks he knows, knows not. He who knows he does not know, knows”. John 4:24: “God is spirit and he who worships him must worship him in spirit and truth”.

Psalm 139:7-10: King David acknowledges that God is omnipresent. And it's impossible to hide from HIM.

The English word spirit comes from the Latin word “Spiritus” meaning “breath”. The connotation of breath here is vital force or substance. So this much we know: God is the universal fundamental substance that animates all matter. It’s the life force that we find everywhere, literally everywhere. It is the source of awareness and consciousness in all living beings. The omnipresent source of life force in you, in me and in the "All". The continual substance that spans and permeates the entire universe. There is nothing in the universe void of this substance. It is the conscious entity that pervades all matter, physical or not. It is the “conscious whole” that fills the Universe.

We can now begin to see why it may be impossible for the human mind to comprehend what God really represents. Perhaps a glimpse of understanding this “Whole” lies in the understanding of the smallest possible unit that forms the whole: The atom.

Modern science has demonstrably shown the existence of atoms in all matter. Atoms have been defined as the smallest unit of matter, the elemental representation of all matter. If we upgrade the premise to the smallest basic unit of life, we arrive at the level of the cell. Modern science has variably asserted that the human body has between 50 to 100 trillions cells. If you look at the individual cell in the human body, science notes that a cell is alive. When healthy, it’s full of vitality, awareness and consciousness. It’s generally agreed that the cell will behave differently when they are being observed by an external entity than when they are not. All the cells of the body work together to provide and sustain life to the human body. Cells are selfless in their activities to keep the body alive. A liver cell does not compare itself to a kidney cell, nor does it stop going about it’s business when another cell in the brain stops working. The cells work independently and collectively for the same goal to sustain life to the body. A cell works to promote life not just to itself, but to the all: The human body. The inherent impulse built into the cell animates it's desire to promote and sustain life. It's a constructive force, and not a destructive one. One could say, the cell adheres to the higher principles of selflessness, oneness and wholeness. Perhaps, in observing the cell in its activity, we can begin to have a glimpse of what is the will of God in our lives, what is it that God requires of us, how do we realize HIS purpose on earth, what could be our humble unique role within the realm of the "Whole".

“Love is the greatest commandment of all”. “And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the commandment”.

These are the words of Jesus as enshrined in the holy scripture in book of Mark 12:30. Love for one another is a fundamental cosmic principle upon which lies our salvation. It’s the central point of propagation of all the other natural and spiritual laws. “You will do unto others as you want others do unto you” emanates from this commandment. The shall not kill, thou shall not steal will all follow when we learn to love one another. Transcending our personal ego, our selfishness; comprehending that overcoming the negative feeling of hate, anger, jealousy and envy for one another, treating each other with respect and dignity, accepting that others may have their own beliefs and aspirations that we must respect even when --and especially when--we disagree, becoming tolerant and compassionate to one another will fall into place when we learn to love our --proverbial-- neighbor. When you have taught yourself this fundamental principle, when you have meditated on it and reconciled it with your inner most being, then and only then you begin the journey of personal transformation that leads to higher level of awareness and consciousness. You begin to understand the secret power of "Oneness and Wholeness". You then begin to witness the transformational cosmic energy within you around you. In everything you do, you think of others, because you have become part of a “Whole”. You have transcended the SELF or the Ego. You are working to advance the cause of humanity. You have arrived to the knowledge of self, the knowledge of oneness, the knowledge of wholeness. You are now fully awaken as in the phrase "Africa Wake Up". You have attained the metaphoric stature of the Creator's "FREE" agent on earth, fulfilling and materializing his purpose for creation. You are now metaphorically "born again".  --Read the article: "Freedom comes from within".--

God is not a physical entity seating somewhere in some place called heaven. God is everywhere and the way you interact with HIM is by interacting with his creation. You interact with HIM from within in a continual basis --through your continual awareness and your endless and constant stream of thoughts--, and from without with HIS creation --the people around you and the Universe--. You communicate with HIM from within in the continuum of your existence and from without with the people you meet every day. The Creator is everywhere and in everything you see in the Universe and around you. He is omnipresent, omnipotent and “omni-everything” within and beyond your imagination.

Cause and effect is the fundamental law that governs the universe. It is the law of just compensation. The law of action and reaction. It’s the law of “you rip what you sow”. When you begin to help others, when you begin to devote yourself selflessly to the cause of others and to the progress of the collective good, you will gradually find your own life, your own purpose and the very essence of your own existence. The selflessness, the sacrifice of self for the good of the collective is a communication with God and a service for his purpose. And when you selflessly give to HIS creation, the Universe is left with no option but to return the favour because it’s governed by the law of cause and effect. It has no choice but to respond to your action with a reaction of its own. It must give back to you –in somewhat equal measure--what you have given out.

Then, when in position of leadership, you will aspire to work to advance society and mankind. You will always be inclined to put the people first. This is, in my view what we must instill in the individual and collective psyche of the people of Africa. This is how we resuscitate the Creator's grace to the Continent. This is what --in my view--we desperately seek and need. If all these sound and feel like a prayer to you, then it surely is. It certainly is to me.

When you selflessly give to Gods creation, the Universe is left with no option but to return the favour, because it’s governed by the law of cause and effect. It has no choice but to respond to your action with a reaction of its own. It must give back to you –in somewhat equal measure--what you have given out. – ANST--


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