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The first amendment of the constitution of the United States enumerates a broad range of Freedom. The authors of this historic document, --the founding fathers as they are referred to --, believed that these Freedoms are endowed to us by our creator and not by any man or government. This timeless creed has proven itself to be at the core in the belief for the fight for freedom all over the world. The founding fathers believed this truth to be self-evident and fundamental to the human conscience. When in captivity, the virtuous mind will remain restless and unrelenting in the pursuit of liberty, until it achieves the level of freedom known to its consciousness.


Perhaps this explains why the human character will become inevitably rebellious when freedom is suppressed or striped away. In that sense, suppressing the people's freedom becomes morally equivalent to reducing them to a lower form of existence. When the human spirit is deprived of freedom, the oppressor becomes a moral equivalent to a Slave master, and in the process, triggers in the victim, the instinctive and intuitive rebellious nature of man which natural inclination is to free himself from captivity. In holding human beings in captivity, the slave master –the oppressor-- sets in motion the inevitable struggle which leaves no choice to the human mind but to fight to set himself free and perhaps die for the cause for freedom. Cause and effect, being the fundamental Law of the universe, for every action, there must be an “equal” reaction. This fundamental principle is most probably true in both physical and spirit realms.

Granting the premise that the will of the Creator is the essence of our existence, the cause to defend and fight for freedom must have a connotation in the spirit dimension. The fight for freedom is internal and external to the human consciousness. It's a struggle that originates from within the mind and the heart, and only when you have overcome the trappings of your own mind and ego, that true freedom, which emanates from within will be expressed into the "without" in a positive and meaningful way. The slave or the oppressed must be free in his own mind before he can build the courage to stand and fight the master who has undermined his freedom. Conversely, only when the oppressor has freed himself from the trappings of his ego, then he is able set his captive free. The freedom from within is likened to the witness that bears truth to the human spirit. It is the inner strength that justifies the righteous and virtuous mind. The dictators in power in many African countries today, are incapable of relinquishing power and lay the foundations of a free society because they are held captive by their ego. They are not free from the trickeries of tribalism and “ethnicism”. They are not free from the temptations of material wealth, greed and corruption. They are not free from their personal insecurities. They are not free to cut themselves free from the addictions of power. In many respects, the oppressor surfers the same ills as the slave, with the distinction that his causes are somewhat self-inflicted, whereas the enslaved is more or less a victim.

So, while we fight for freedom, we must work to overcome our own shortcomings from within and emancipate ourselves from the trappings of mental slavery. We must seek to free ourselves from within. Lest we replace the current oppressors with yet another group of people who are not free themselves. Lest again, we be bound to fight.

We must free our own mind from our uncontrolled Ego, from greed and corruption, from our “tribalistic” instincts, from the feelings hate, jealousy and envy, from intolerance and extremism, from the twisted beliefs in witchcraft and non-rational phenomenon, and from the slave mentality. Freedom begins with the emancipation of the mind, the conscious willingness to transcend the ego. And this venture is necessarily personal. It is a personal journey to the "Heart" or the soul of man that one must make the conscious decision to embark on. The journey that is animated and guided by your conscious willingness to free your own mind and transcend the barriers that hinder the expansion of your spirit and soul. The --proverbial-- journey to your own Heart and Soul that reconciles your belief system with the fundamental and elemental cosmic principle, that all men are created equal and aspire to be free just as you would want to be. The journey that informs your inner most being that you should love your proverbial neighbour and treat him as you would want to be treated. In this endeavour, you must necessarily become aware of your own struggles from within as you begin to engender the evolutionary leap to overcome your fears and insecurities from without. When the people of Africa will have attained the desired and sufficient state of mental freedom, then and only then the African man’s aspirations for freedom will begin to align itself with the wholeness of the Divine purpose, and only then our prayers for freedom will begin to materialize and make sense.

“The people of Egypt and Libya fought and won their quest for freedom, why is it that the people of Sub-Saharan Africa can’t do the same” ? An African American man asked me. I wish I knew the answer to that question I responded to him. The inconvenient truth beneath this question is that the people of black Africa, while they may want to be free, are –perhaps-- not ready for the price tag of freedom. They have not attained the level of consciousness to the cause for freedom, that predisposes the human mind to fight and perhaps die for the cause. The human mind can only fight for a level of freedom, to a degree known to its consciousness. The extent to which you are willing to sacrifice and fight for a cause depends on the intensity of your desire to be free. The knowledge of self, the profound desire to be free from within and without, the determination of the human mind to make the evolutionary leap are all elements that dictate the human spirit to be prepared for the ultimate sacrifice –if necessary-- to achieve the Liberty he cherishes. The people of Libya and Egypt have attained that state of mind, whereas the people of Cameroon have not. While the aspirations of all people to be free is the same, the intensity that animates the desire to achieve liberty and the price tag you are willing to pay for the cause depends on the level of dedication and consciousness to the cause. In this lies the difference between the people of Libya and Egypt. We may find solace in the statement, --All roads lead to Rome--. I have no doubt that someday, we as a people will get there. The road to freedom may be long and winding, with false start and setbacks, but we will inevitably, eventually get there. Just not now.



--The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice.—Martin Luther King Jr--

--If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.-- John 8:36

--Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but your own self can free your mind: --Bob Marley--

-- Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." –Benjamin Franklyn.

--When in captivity, the virtuous mind will remain restless and unrelenting in the pursuit of liberty, until it achieves the level of freedom known to its consciousness. –ANST—


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