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CPDM: The political party of institutionalized tribalism and corruption. The culprit of Democracy in Cameroon.

Today in Cameroon, corruption, cronyism, embezzlements, tribalism, sects and cults of AMORC and Freemasonry are all attributes associated with the CPDM, the corrupt political party that has single handedly ruled Cameroon for the last three decades.  More than a political party, the deceitful CPDM machine has profusely permeated all the structures of our government and our country. From the District Officers to the military, from the ministers to the general directors of our national companies, all the social, economic and political fabric of our country are so conspicuously invaded by this one political party of shame that has destroyed and dashed the hopes of this new generation of our people.


Born of the CNU, the CPDM is the subsidiarity of the unitary political party left by President Ahidjo.  Renamed to CPDM sometimes in 1985, the party rapidly morphed into a more beti-centric tribal power circle, under the "clanic" influence of the so called “Essingang”. --A beti movement that seeks to protect its tribal economic and political power.--

What has Cameroon really accomplished under the CPDM rule? Why do these shameless CPDM Cameroonians line up the streets to chant praise and honor to this President? A man who has taken our country from the prospects of an emerging economy in the 1980s to an economy of survival of today. A man who has not built a single bridge, a single modern soccer stadium or a highway in three decades.  A man who has left Cameroon without water, electricity, basic medical care, decent affordable housing for his three decades in power. A man who has frozen in power for 3 decades now with no result to show for it. A man who leads a country where youth beer drinking, youth prostitution, hopelessness, inflation and chronic poverty are among the highest in the world. A man whose misguided policies have sparked a massive exodus of epic proportion of the youths of Cameroon onto foreign shores in desperate attempt to seek a better life. A President, entrenched in the tribal politics of corruption, embezzlements, incompetence, tyranny and fear, who profligately spends more time in Switzerland and Germany, far removed from the daily realities and sufferings of his own people. A President who went for more than a 3 years stretch without having a single ministerial cabinet meeting with his own ministers. How do you govern a country without meeting with your own ministers and your own people ? A man who at 82 years old, yet only aspires to morbidly cling to power even unto the last breath, with apparently no progressive agenda to make a better life for the people of Cameroon. A man who has systematically corrupted and dismantled the opposition political system, impede the freedom of speech and press of our country, and set back our democracy for decades to come. A man who has imprisoned all the potential presidential hopefuls just to perpetuate his unchallenged stay in power –as if there is no future without him--. Why sing praises and honor to this man ? Why ? Our country's future  is essentially held hostage by this one man's misguided ultra ego. So what is it to celebrate about this President ? His deeds ? His accomplishments ? What ? Mandela was celebrated for freeing his country and his own people. He is celebrated for preparing a new generation of leaders of his country. He only accepted one term in office during which he made a difference in the lives of his own people and uplifted many out of poverty. So the people of South Africa can celebrate and immortilize him for his deeds. What is it to be celebrated for our President ? What ?

Given that the legacy of this President and that of his party, the CPDM are inextricably interlinked, we must ask the questions: What has this man and his CPDM brought to Cameroon ? What is the single positive accomplishment of this regime? Why do members of the CPDM line up the streets, dressed in uniforms, tattooed with this man’s –younger-- face on it, and chanting praises and honors? Why? Are they living in the same country? Do they really aspire to build a better country for their children and their posterity? If so, why sing for a man who has destroyed that future? Why? Every aspect of the life of our people has seen a considerable set back during the time of this President. Even the so called “Lions Indomptables” that was once promising has now become the laughing stock of modern soccer, after the continual shellacking in the last world cup. Even the once entertaining Makossa has suffered a setback too! –Just kidding, but you get the point--.

Cameroon legalized multi party politics in 1992 after the bold and forceful launch of the SDF. The Honorable Ni John Fru Ndi took upon himself the risky and perilous bet to lunch this party and force the hands of M. Biya to accept the inevitable fact that there were better ideas of reference in the country besides his meaningless slogan of “Rigueur et Moralization” at the time.  We, as a people recognized the fact that political pluralism was a necessity and not a luxury. But what our people may not have understood is how the country was supposed to operate in a multi-party system. They may not have comprehended the complex and perplex dynamics and mechanics of political pluralism in a country where the colonial mindset –of perpetual self-enslavement, self hatred, hatred against your own people, inter-tribal mistrust, colonial exploitation and enslavement-- had settled in the psyche and sub-consciousness of these enslaved, oppressed and unsophisticated minds. Our people naively seemed to think that having more than one political party will automatically lead to power sharing, power distribution and Government accountability. They did not understand that any sustainable political movement needed money, ideas and resources to operate. So the question would have been: where would that money come from ? Will the corrupt CPDM which sits on the money supply of the country share and allocate resources equitably with other political establishments ? These are the questions that should have been discussed and resolved at the "National Conference". The rookie opposition parties mistook “multi-partism” for democracy and political pluralism for freedom and justice.

As a result, M. Biya was able to trick his way out of a “Conference Nationale” that should have been the platform through which a new political era would have been defined. The "Conference Nationale" should have been the forum where Cameroon would have reset its political system, defined a new political equilibrium and given all political parties a somewhat equal footing into the political landscape of the country. Disoriented and divided, the delusional opposition was tricked into the so called “tri-partite” discussion, which no one really understood the utility nor the objectives of that reunion of the dumbs, which M. Biya had deceitfully characterized a “large” but not a “grand” debat. The end result was that the CPDM emerged and remained the only viable political party with the structure and infrastructure to govern the country. M. Biya would then get even busier with the shenanigans of bribery and deception to systematically dismantle the inexperienced opposition parties one piece at a time. His modus operandi was: join me in bribery or disappear in oblivion and irrelevance. With his hands on the money supply of the country, this is not hard to do in a country where the loudest and angriest opposition leaders are also the most broke and hungry.

M. Biya understood that politics in francophone sub-Saharan Africa was not anchored in any solid principles and belief systems, but rather on the African man’s instincts for instant gratification and his insatiable thirst to only entertain the pleasures of the physical senses at the expense of the intellect. These politicians are not animated by any conviction enchored in the belief that we, as a people must aspire to make a better life for ourselves and for our children. They do not aspire to build a better country than the one they met. They do not aspire to be a part of something bigger and nobler than their very small selves. They do not offer any message of hope and change that may inspire the people of Cameroon. They have not demonstrated any viable alternate vision for this poor and enslaved country that is sinking every day in the abyss of mankind. And so in the last two decades of failed democracy –thanks to the octogenarian slick--, the CPDM remains –and always has been—the unique entity in the political theater of the country. The members of CPDM are seen as the privileged ones, the ones who will sing praises and glory to the “Nkukuma President” that they pretend to love and support, even as they mutter in complicity of guilt and shame.

Watching these poor CPDM members at the rallies, it is not hard to discern that these folks are not there by conviction, but nevertheless, they come out because they believe that they too, can partake of the free supper of ignominy and shame, the left overs of the feast that the king could not chew. They are there because they still hope that they too, can share of the fleshless bones of the Nkukuma’s dinner, and perhaps land an unmerited position in Government for which they have neither the merits nor the competence. They are there because they hope for a free lunch as their leaders misuse our country’s money to bribe them to loyalty and pay for their allegiance to an increasingly shrinking tribally beti-centric party that they pretend to like and support. They are there because they hope that some day, they too, can steal and embezzle the country's money with impunity, just as their Nkukuma has been doing. Most of the sympathizers of the CPDM that I have met are either folks who are entrenched in the traps of blind and exacerbated tribal allegiance, or who have some unmerited vested interest in the status quo. Some of these folks simply fear that they have much to lose in any change that will institute meritocracy and fairness to the system, which could benefit all of our people. Then there is that last category of CPDM members, who are simply tired and frustrated, waiting for the opposition parties to be revived so they can jump out of the sinking boat, but have no place else to go in the meantime.

You see, it is easy for the weak and immature mind to convince itself that corruption is good when you can afford it. Just be well connected or pay the money and you can get whatever you need and want from a system. But empirical evidence has shown that systems based of these principles do not meet the needs and demands of the majority of their people. Not everyone in Cameroon can bribe their way to a sanitary evacuation in Europe as the “Nkukuma” President does for himself and his stooges from “Mvo meka”. Not everyone can afford FCFA 300,000  to get a passport in one or two days. Not everyone can afford to bribe to get their hard earned retirement pension in time. The majority of our people do not have the resources to afford such a system, nor do they have the connections at Etoudi to embezzle huge sums of money with impunity. So, a system that dignifies our citizenry and our humanity cannot be based on favoritism and “well connectedness” – or who you know--, tribalism and corruption.

A modern and sound system must be based on laws, human rights, privileges and rights of citizens. It must be based on equality, fairness, freedom, merits, justice and the rule of law. And these higher principles are what the folks of the CPDM who support the status quo are necessarily erecting themselves against. --albeit perhaps in subconscious ignorance--. And in that sense, they are the culprits of our democracy. They constitute a major impediment –just as their “Nkukuma” king is-- to the change that our people yearn for. They are the selfish and the "conviction less" who only live for the stomach while the majority of the people of Cameroon suffer of starvation, hunger, lack of clean water and electricity, lack of basic medical care and decent housing in the 21st century. This President and his party, the CPDM represent an existential threat to the lives of the people of Cameroon. And in that sense the CPDM is responsible for perpetuating the sufferings and sorrows of our people. They are responsible –just as their President—for perpetuating the mental enslavement of our people. The CPDM has become the homogeneous and monolithic gang --of non-progressive patriots-- that hinders this new generation of our people and the future of our country. This political party represents the symbol of three decades of tyranny, moral decay, failed legacy with no accomplishments for our country. The CPDM is perhaps the biggest enemy of our people and our country, the demon that we must exorcize and destroy to free our country --from within-- if we were to bring any meaningful change to Cameroon.

The CPDM as a political party should have been dissolved at the “Conference Nationale”, had there been one, and had our people –and political parties-- understood how Government should operate under a multi-party system. The CPDM should have been abolished, had our country understood the mechanics and the dynamics of a Democratic system based on power sharing, counter power, personal responsibility and accountability. This tribal subsidiarity of the CNU –Cameroon National Union-- should have been dismantled had our people discerned that multi-party politics in and of itself, --without power sharing and a modern constitution would only lead to meaningless modest gains, because those in power who control the money, would ultimately control the opposition, either by corrupting them to submission and irrelevance or starving them to oblivion. And M. Biya, --as bad a leader as he is, like him, hate him— was master of both.

So where do we go from here ? How do we break through the cocoon that the incompetent and corrupt CPDM has built around the power structure of our country ? How do we crack open the CPDM totalitarianism and dismantle it from within ? How do we rid our country from this monster that has devoured the hopes of our country now for three decades ? How do we de-CPDM-ize our country and free it from the shameful 32 years legacy of oppression, corruption, tribalism and nothing to show for it ?

This, of course will not happen as long as the “Nkukuma” guy is still slumbering in Etoudi. But a unique opportunity is about to come as M. Biya gets closer to leave power. The power vacuum that he leaves behind will give a unique opportunity to the Cameroonian people to dismantle the CPDM and reshape the balance of power in the political landscape of our country. Perhaps, Cameroon will need the "National Conference" anew when the Nkukuma President leaves power. It will be a unique opportunity for the people of Cameroon to review and discuss the fundamentals of political pluralism and lay the foundation of a new political system moving forward. 

We need a vibrant opposition not just for the sake of opposing, but because a Country only advances when there exists competition or an alternate vision. Constructive criticism is an essential and indispensable element for the progress and development of mankind, and especially in politics. It is only when we objectively criticize our Government that we hold it accountable of any potential abuse and misuse of the power that the people have bestowed onto their Government.

M. Biya has surprisingly –and perhaps inadvertently-- achieved two things against his own party:

1-      First, he has destroyed all his potential successors and presidential candidates within --and without-- the CPDM. Folks like Inoni Ephraim, Marafa, Mebara, Edzoa Titus --who may have had political aspirations beyond the Ministry-- have been locked away –in the slammer-- with the key swallowed by the Lion of Etoudi. The less threatening folks –with non “presidential” looks-- like Mendoze, Esimi Minye, Joseph Owona etc.. –even though they too have stolen money—are still roaming our streets because they have no aspirations beyond being the footstool of the Nkukuma. So, he has destroyed his own party from within. --and perhaps in an irrepairable way. At least in the very near future--. Given his age and time left in power, it is hard to see how he promotes a trustworthy successor to his power. His sons, both legitimate and illegitimate –whom some have touted as being potential successors-- are neither knowledgeable enough nor competent in Government as we speak.

2-      Second, he has armed a wing of the Military to the teeth, --through a Military base around his village area-- to protect his power from any im-probable coup d’Etat. So, Cameroon is essentially held hostage to this man’s ego, even until his last breath. This military concentration will be the biggest threat to the next President, who should seek to rapidly dismantle it.

So, upon his departure, the void he will leave will be an opportunity for a smart –non CPDM--politician to fill.  And when that happens, the CPDM may breakout from within --and dismantled from without-- as its conviction-less cronies stab and bleed each other from behind in a circular firing squad fashion. If there is an election after M. Biya leaves power, our people must be vigilant to ensure that France, --the slave Master-- does not control the process and falsify the sovereign will of our people.

Political structures only survive when the core principles and convictions that they represent and stand for, respond to the aspirations and convictions of the people. Sound principles such as fairness, freedom, dignity and respect, human rights, justice and the rule of law are sustainable because they speak to the collective consciousness of mankind at all time. Political structures only survive because the Government that emanates from the party is responsive to the need and demands of its people. Such a Government must define and implement policies that ease the life of its citizens, through lower taxes, providing basic necessities for its people such as clean water, electricity, affordable healthcare and education, affordable housing, building good roads etc... When a Government does these things, it contributes positively to the mental and spiritual emancipation of its people by improving on their lives and uplifting them out of poverty. A responsible Government must seek to create an atmosphere that facilitates the pursuit of happiness of its people.

In contrast, a political party, which core principles are based on tribalism, cronyism and corruption can’t survive in a diverse demography such as Cameroon. A party based on those vicious and unfair principles necessarily inflames inter-tribal tension and mistrust. When a party becomes vicious and corrupt, --as is the case of the CPDM--, there is need for a master to hold it together. And when that master is gone, the void he leaves behind typically causes the structure to implode and self- destruct, as its conviction-less stooges fight for power and stab each other in circular firing squad fashion. A system based on lower and vicious principles such as tribalism, corruption, cult of personality, self-aggrandizement, instant gratification, tyranny and fear only last a few years at most as we have witnessed in Uganda’s Idi Amin, Ivory Coast’s Houphouet Boigny, Libya’s Khadaffi, Syria’s Asad, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein-- just to name a few. And when comes the time of national catharsis, the CPDM will probably not escape that fate. 

“Perhaps, Cameroon will need the "National Conference" anew when the Nkukuma President leaves power. The National Conference will help define an even plane field between the major political parties of our country” –ANST--

“M. Biya has armed a wing of the Military to the teeth, --Military base around his village area-- to protect his power from any im-probable coup d’Etat. So, Cameroon is essentially held hostage to this man’s ego, even until his last breath. This military concentration will be the biggest threat to the next President of Cameroon, who should seek to rapidly dismantle it.” –ANST--

 A political party, which core principles are based on tribalism, cronyism and corruption can’t survive --the scrutiny of time-- in a diverse demography such as Cameroon. When a party becomes vicious and corrupt, --as is the case of the CPDM--, there is need for a master to hold it together. And when that master leaves, the structure typically implodes and self- destructs. –ANST--

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