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A NEW BIOMETRIC SYSTEM FOR IDs -- Some thoughts--‏

We should all understand and appreciate the intentions of our Government to try to establish a secure identity database for our country. The new system will help fight against identity fraud and theft. So, we applaud our Government for trying to do something positive for our country. There have been too many fraudulent documents coming out of Cameroon in the last two or three decades and this could be a serious first step in making a dent into tackling that critical systemic problem that has landed Cameroon at the very top tier of the most corrupt countries in the world.


A call to the Cameroonian Government to reach out


The “ Diaspora Outreach Program” will seek to establish a framework by which our Government can engage with the “ Diasporans” and leverage on the vast reservoir of ingenuity, knowledge, skills and experience to bring back home to contribute to the development of our country.

It is absolutely crucial that the Cameroonian Government leverages on the enormous talent of its Diaspora around the world. Diaspora which is full of knowledge, skills, exuberance, and is just waiting for the opportunity to unleash its entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity, its knowledge and technology back home to help our country and our people. The political disagreements between our Government and the Diaspora should not preclude our Government from reaching out to its people at the Diaspora.


Dans certaines démocraties modernes, le pouvoir exécutif –ou le Président—nomme des candidats aux postes importants du Gouvernement, mais ces candidats doivent être auditionnés et confirmés par le corps législatif –Le Senat ou L’Assemblée Nationale, dans le cas du Cameroun— avant qu’ils soient installés à leurs postes. Et ces épreuves de confirmations sont télévisées sur les chaines Nationales pour donner l’occasion au peuple d’examiner, d’évaluer et d’apprécier les facultés et les capacités leurs dirigeants.


Le Président de la République, dans son discours prononcé pendant le dernier conseil Ministériel a annoncé un plan d’urgence pour relancer l’Economie Nationale du pays. Ceci est une bonne nouvelle si cette décision est bien exécutée et bien suivie. Le Président a parlé de l’octroiement des crédits aux petites et moyennes entreprises. Ce qui est très encourageant d’autant plus que l’économie d’un pays devrait être soutenue par ses petites et moyennes entreprises et non pas par la fonction publique. Les Camerounais doivent saisir cette opportunité pour commencer à poser les jalons d’une économie qui pourra effectivement conduire notre pays vers l’émergence. – non pas en 2035 mais bien après cette date--.



(Note: In this article, we will use the terms Federalism and Regionalism interchangeably)

Everyday, Cameroonians are waking up increasingly frustrated to the sobering reality that they have a President and a Government that represent neither their interests nor their aspirations, but nevertheless they are totally and utterly incapable of removing it from power either through the ballot box or through a mass demonstration similar to the Burkina Faso revolution.

After 33 --agonizing and painful-- years, during which, one despotic tyrant of a man has confiscated and consolidated all powers onto himself, the Cameroonian people are now paying the steep price for their complaisant and complicit ignorance, by allowing a tribally-centric Government to dig in and consolidate all powers onto one man, whose only goal is to maintain himself in power indefinitely without the consent of the people. How could we as a people not see this coming ? Why did we not foresee that the one man in whom we so naively entrust with all powers could ultimately fail us so miserably ? 


Note: This article was written in reaction to the Minister of Post and Telecommunication who received FCFA 770 Millions in cash from the Cameroon National Treasury.


It is perplexing  to think that a Ministry in Cameroon does not have a clear process by which money could be transferred from the Public treasury to a Ministry’s Bank account. Giving someone, --be it a minister or anyone else-- such a huge sum of cash money –FCFA 770 M —is really an invitation to embezzlements. But it is also an unnecessary invitation to buglers which puts the lives of the Minister and his family at risk.


CAMEROON: Operation Epervier: Vendetta justice

Epervier the chicken, must come home to roost

In the wake of the indictment and the incarceration of M. Gervais Mendoze, we the people of Cameroon should not relent from calling for full and complete justice to be served on behalf of the people. All the people who have stolen our country’s money must be brought to justice, punished to the full extent of the law, and the money must be recovered in full. As a people, we must have a zero tolerance for these public thieves and embezzlers.

CPDM: The political party of institutionalized tribalism and corruption. The culprit of Democracy in Cameroon.

Today in Cameroon, corruption, cronyism, embezzlements, tribalism, sects and cults of AMORC and Freemasonry are all attributes associated with the CPDM, the corrupt political party that has single handedly ruled Cameroon for the last three decades.  More than a political party, the deceitful CPDM machine has profusely permeated all the structures of our government and our country. From the District Officers to the military, from the ministers to the general directors of our national companies, all the social, economic and political fabric of our country are so conspicuously invaded by this one political party of shame that has destroyed and dashed the hopes of this new generation of our people.



In the article entitled “The Role of Government”, I indicated that the Government we inherited from the colonial age was designed and instituted by the Colonial Master and for the colonial Master’s interests only. The French never intended to teach the francophone sub-Saharan African people how to govern themselves. France’s main objective –during and after colonization-- was to brainwash the francophone black man to be eternally submissive and subservient to its will.



The Cameroon military is now comprised of hundreds of thousands of men and women. –Overwhelmingly men--. Our military is comprised of very honorable men and women who made the patriotic choice to serve their country in uniform. They are the great citizens of our country who have dedicated their lives to the service of our Nation. We must be very thankful to all of them and their families for the great work that they do for our country. They are the best of us. And I like to take the opportunity here to salute them.



In a previous article, I wrote about the role, size and scope of Government. I indicated that Government has to be leaner, smart and efficient. I noted that the Government we inherited from the colonial Master is ill suited and unfitting to respond to the needs of our people. It is my belief that we, the African people must engage in the debate of reforming and restructuring Government to make it fitting to our aspirations as a people. The change we seek should not just be about replacing people here and there, but it must also address the structural and systemic deficiencies of the institutions of Government of our country.



For decades, the sub-Saharan Africa has suffered from tribalism, corruption and bad governance. Some of this is due to the fact that the Governments we have in sub-Saharan Africa today, is a remnant of what the colonial Master left behind. Governments, for the most part, designed and implemented by the colonial Master –in his liking-- and mostly for the Masters interests and not necessarily ours.