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Lesson 1: The sovereignty of a country ultimately belongs to the people.

The people have the sovereign right at any time to depose a Dictator who has lost legitimacy and trust. When we, the people are active stake holders of our country,  we can hold our Government and our leaders accountable for their actions. Our leaders must understand that when nominated –or elected-- to a position in Government, their job is to serve the people who will hold them accountable for their actions. The members of the parliament of Burkina Faso were smoked out of the Assembly house and chased into their homes to let them know of the discontent of the people.

The parliamentarians in Cameroon must learn this hard lesson. The next time you vote for a nonsense law to blindly support the President, we the people will hold you accountable. The Nkukuma may have Israelis protecting him at Etoudi, but you, the parliamentarians live in the “quartier” with the people. So beware.

Lesson 2: Don’t trample with the constitution or the law of the land.

We, the people of FrancAfrique have ran out of patience as we watch these tyrants –one after another-- play shenanigans with the law of the land. The President of Cameroon –and its corrupt CPDM led National Assembly-- got away with it, because the people did not have a strategy to fight. Now they do. The people of Burkina Faso have shown that they can overrun the National Assembly, chasing out the corrupt --knuckled headed-- parliamentarians and hold them accountable for their vote or intention.

Lesson 3: As President, when your term is up, get the hell out.

When your term comes to an end, step down and prepare for a peaceful and constitutional transition of power. The Presidency of a country belongs to the people. It is not your property or your sons'. You are not entitled to it. If you dare challenge the collective will of the people as enshrined in the constitution, the people will hold you accountable and make you pay. As President, your job is to serve the people. Our country is a Republic –and not a monarchy—and therefore belongs to people. You are President only because the sovereign people, through the constitution have entrusted you with power and they reserve the right to depose you and remove you from power if you lose their trust and legitimacy, or become incompetent or corrupt.

Lesson 4: The people of FrancAfrique are becoming fully awakened to the necessity to be active stake holders of their countries.

We, the people must watch each and every law and actions of our Government. Our Government must be accountable to the people. Our Government must give us full account of the money from our natural  resources, our petroleum, our agriculture and our exports. We must demand complete transparency from our Government through hearings at the National Assembly, televised on National Television. It is only when we objectively criticize our Government that we improve it and hold it accountable for any abuse and misuse of the power that we have bestowed upon it.

Government is supposed to serve the people by creating conditions that are conducive to the happiness of its citizens. The quintessential role of Government is to serve its people and improve on their lives and happiness, thereby contributing to their emancipation, mentally and spiritually.

And whenever a Government fails to meet its constitutional requirements, the sovereign people have the right to hold it accountable and demand its removal or dissolution, as the brave young people of Burkina Faso have shown us.

Lesson 5: What just happened in Burkina Faso is unprecedented in FrancAfrique.

We must overcome our tribal, ethnic and lingual differences. Never have we seen the people of FrancAfrique stand up with one voice and one accord to say enough is enough. –Nous en avons Ras-le-Scaramagnol--. We just can’t take it anymore.

These –united-- young people of Burkina Faso transcended their tribal and ethnic divisions and stood up against the wrongs of one “small man”, one small tyrant who has enslaved them for 27 years.

We, the people must learn to work together, we must transcend our tribal, ethnic and lingual differences and stand up as one people for what is right, for the benefit of all our people. In this lies the true virtue and greatness of a people. Let the Haousa, the Beti, the Bamileke, the Bassa, the Anglophone and others join hands together and stand up as one people for freedom, democracy and dignity for the benefit of all Cameroonians and not just some.

When we sing our National anthem, « O Cameroun berceau de nos ancetre, va deboud et jaloux de ta liberte ... » It is our responsibility as a people to give meaning to these words. We must defend our liberty and freedom at all cost against all enemies, domestic and foreign. We must stand up for we believe is  just and right for our country and our people, irrespective of tribes, ethnicity and lingual origins.  

Lesson 6: When a revolution begins, we must not relent. We must see it through until total capitulation of the Dictator.

When we take the fight to the oppressor, we must not blink until we achieve complete and total victory. Our President barely escaped the 1990 uprising, because we, the people were contented with a half victory, which later became a defeat. And now we are paying a steep price for not going all the way. We must remember that he who fights and runs away will live to fight another day. --for the same cause.-- The young people of Burkina Faso had the incredible courage to fight all the way, until the total surrender and capitulation of the tyrant dictator, who by some account, has now fled the country.

Lesson 7: The military --or at least parts of it-- stood with the sovereign people.

Our military must understand and sympathize with the sovereign people when the cause is right. For the weapon they carry was bought by the people’s money to protect the people and not any one man. Don’t use the weapon you carry to kill your own brothers and sisters when their cause is just and right. Your mission is to protect the country and the people, not to kill them to protect any one man, and certainly not a Dictator and tyrant who morbidly clings to power indefinitely, with disregard to the constitution and without the consent of the people.

From Libya to Egypt, from Iraq to Syria, and now Burkina Faso, the military stood with the just cause of the people. Military man of Cameroon, where do you stand ? The answer to this question makes you a true patriot or a traitor of the people, because the aspirations of a people are much bigger than any one man. Men will come and go, but the Nation and its people endures forever.

Lesson 8: Don’t let France steal the people’s revolution

France, --and its cursed FCFA currency--  constitute an existential threat to the people of FrancAfrique. France is the biggest enemy of the people of FrancAfrique. We must always remember that France puts and maintains these dictators in power indefinitely, so they can terrorize and tyrannize you to fear and submission. France only sees FrancAfrique as its plantation, and wants to exploit our resources indefinitely while maintaining us in generational poverty and servitude. So our interest and theirs are necessarily opposed. Beware of any leader who claims to love his country and his people but takes his orders from France.

Remember that the one and only leverage that France has on the FrancAfrique dictator is the FCFA currency. France uses the FCFA as a gun to the dictator's head, and the country’s money in the “Comptes d’Operation” as ransom. When we rid our countries from this Trojan horse currency, only then we will achieve complete freedom from this slave master.

Lesson 9:  To the FrancAfrique Dictator

You are only as strong as your people allow you to be. Respect the dignity and the sovereign will of the people through the constitution which you took an oath to uphold, because when the people unite and rise up against you, there will be no place to hide, for the power of the people is stronger than any weapon ever devised by man. When you inflame the wrath and anger of the people, not even your Master’s atom bomb can protect you.  When your term is up, prepare for a peaceful and constitutional transition of power, for if you don’t, we, the people will ridicule the devil in you and chase you out of power and to the gates of hell. Remember that the sovereign people will ultimately get the best of you even after 3 decades as we have witnessed in the brave and courageous young people of Burkina Faso.



“When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the Government, there is tyranny.” –Thomas Jefferson--

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