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To become an emerging economy, a country must invest in manufacturing. A country must be making things that it can export to the world. And for a country like Cameroon, that means investing in small to medium size industries that will transform our natural resources and raw materials locally. These finished products will then be exported to other countries in Africa and around the world. And this has the capacity to create millions of new --good paying-- jobs in the private sector, sparking an economic and industrial revolution, and the return on investments for our country could be massive.


So the simple question is: why is it that our Government can't invest and build the industries that will transform our raw materials locally such as a paper mill – paper is made of wood--  plastic –made of petroleum byproducts-- , glass –made of sand--, tire –made of rubber-- and others, all of which have the raw materials right there in our country ? Why can’t we transform our raw materials locally and export the finished products to the world as other developed countries in the world are doing ? Why ? Think about how many good jobs, how massive the revenues generated from these sectors can be. Think about it !

If you ask the Cameroonian Government, they will tell you that they don’t have the money. --“On n’a pas les moyens, nous dit-on”--

People, as frustrating as this incomplete answer could be, rational thinking demands that you give them the benefit of doubt and instead examine the reason or the cause of the lack of funding or lack of money. --“ Pourquoi n'avons-nous pas les moyens ?-- 

People, the role of a Central Bank is to finance the development of a country. France, which  owns the FCFA currency and our “Comptes d'Operation" in Paris, will not give us the money for these vital investments. It is not of their interest ! We don't have a currency, so we don't have a Central Bank, and so we don't have the money to develop our country. It is that simple !!

You can’t solve a problem if you don’t understand the root causes. We must understand that our problems fall into two broad categories –that, even though correlated, can be examined independently--:

1-    External causation : Problems caused by our relationship of servitude with France. These are problems like the FCFA and the “Comptes d’Operation”, colonial exploitation, Dictatorship, lack of funding or money etc...

2-    Internal causation: Problems caused by the clumsiness or inaptitude of Our Government.These are problems like abuse of human rights, undemocratic practices, corruption and embezzlements, tribalism, road safety, beer drinking and helplessness, unemployment etc..

We must understand that we can’t fully solve the second category of problems, --which requires a change in Leadership--, without solving the first. If this generation of our people can solve the problem of colonial servitude by dropping the FCFA, then and only then we can become a –true-- sovereign nation and then begin to tackle the second category of problems in a comprehensive way. So the FCFA is the core of our problems.

People, you see, if we had our own currency and our Central Bank, we would be able to make these kinds of investments. Because our Central Bank will pay for it, without asking a thing from France.

That is why Nigeria, Ghana, Angola etc… all of which have their own currencies are developing 3 or 4 times faster than all the FrancAfrique countries..


We must begin to make the correlations between our problems. The FCFA is at the core of most –if not all-- of our problems ! Money Money Money !!! FrancAfrique needs its own  money !


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