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There is ample empirical evidence that the “Liberating Activities of Creation” are always at work in a continual effort to leap Mankind closer to the proximity of mental and spiritual freedom. The progressive and evolutionary shifts in the human thought process is just a manifestation of the liberating impulses of the forces Creation.


Evidently, God wants us to be liberated and free, and the natural trends of evolution only corroborate that fact. Each successful generation of the people on earth –and our people—is better in many respects and more tolerant in many ways than the preceding one. Arguably, our children today are more enlightened than were our grand-parents at the same age. The United States of America has just elected a black President to a second term. Something that was simply inconceivable just a century ago.

The Universal forces are in the continual business of expanding the human intellect and aggrandizing the human spirit, whether or not the human race is aware of it. But make no mistake, the human awareness to this progressive and evolutionary alchemy --intrinsic to the Forces of Creation-- will hasten our Liberation and Freedom. In other words, our knowledge and awareness of the existence of these forces, is what gives us the capacity to influence it. We have the ability, and the authority to hasten our mental and spiritual Liberation if the focus of our mind is shifted to that endeavor. God has given us the power and the tools to bring the human thoughts to materialization. If you can imagine it, you most probably can achieve it. But you must culture the Mind and nurture the human Spirit before these liberating forces can be made manifest. As we will see, the version of Christianity that was taught to our people by colonial master is only one sliver of the process. To take full advantage of our spiritual experiences, we must bring other forms of knowledge and forces into play.


“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” –Mathew 7:7.

“Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.” –James 4:3.

The desires of your heart will be granted to you, if your Mind is righteous and your Spirit is pure –“…that ye may NOT consume it upon your lusts.”--

The African continent continues to lag the world in the areas of arts, science and technology. This can be attributed in part to humiliation of slavery and the ruthlessness of colonization. These traumatic events and experiences, without a doubt have contributed to the way the African man identifies himself and how he relates to the world. The low self-esteem, the complexes of inferiority, the tendency to submit to oppression and to self-enslave are all characteristics of a people who have lost their compass and their orientation in this modern world of competition, where excellence is a requisite for success. The central question becomes, how will the African man redefine himself and his identity in the world ? What will be his values of reference and his spiritual orientations ? How do we as a people begin to instill in this generation and generations to come the values of reference that will strengthen them intellectually, psychologically and spiritually ? The version of Christianity that was introduced to the African people –with God being represented as a white man--, while perhaps can bring salvation to some people, is not sufficient to build a solid “African School of Thought” that can free our people from the residual lasting effects of the colonial mind set, and the state of mental slavery which still plagues our leaders. The retentive aspects of the colonial experience have conditioned the collective psyche of our people, and especially the people of Francophone Africa. The residue of the colonial experience has created a lasting neural pathway in the Minds of our people, and has rendered them incapable of imagining a new and different reality for their country. When a certain reality sets in the human Mind for a long time, it creates a conditioning or a pathway in the human sub consciousness. This conditioning builds a subconscious reservoir of neuro-automatic responses similar to those of an air plane in autopilot. If the Mind is not retrained to a new conditioning, it defaults to this retentive subconscious reservoir. When this happens, the neurons of the human brain always use the same existing patterns to arrive at the same conclusion. This is called mental slavery. Mental slavery refers to the inability of a person to regain full control of his own Mind. It refers to the incapacity to invent a new construct of thought patterns or the subconscious unwillingness to imagine a new reality or a new concept. Now, if you don’t fully control your own Mind, your Mind will control you by defaulting to its reservoir of preconditioning.

The object of this writing is to show how we can rid the Mind of this pre-existing conditioning, and refill it with a newer stream of patterns, a newer construct of thought patterns. The Spiritual awakening of our people and the Freedom we seek are inextricably interlinked. The Mind must be liberated from within, before it can aspire to be free from without. When you achieve Freedom from within, the Universe around you will inevitably adjust to reflect the new reality by virtue of the law of cause and effect. –The Law that governs the Universe--.

I have certainly written a lot about spirituality on this site. I indicated that spirituality is not the same the thing as religion. You need not be a Christian or a Moslem to be spiritual. Conversely, you can attend church regularly –what I call Churchianity— without a holistic understanding of spirituality. Don’t get me wrong, going to church is a good thing. Praying to God and making your supplications known to the Universal wisdom –called God—is great and I certainly encourage you to continue to do that. But while all of this can earn you the salvation that the Lord Jesus Christ promised in the Holy Scriptures, you may still not rip all the benefits that a holistic spiritual enlightenment may bring to you. Many African people I know attend church on a somewhat regular basis. But many of these people are still not necessarily spiritually enlightened, not mentally alert, not necessarily wise and nor intellectually sharp or smart. –even when they are leaned--. After church, these people quickly return to the same bad old habits, the same vices of the Mind: the un-forgiveness, the envy, the jealousy, the hate, the tribalism, the belief in witchcraft, the corruption. Why is this ? Shouldn’t going to Church and praying regularly change all this ? Well, it doesn’t necessarily, because praying to God for forgiveness and deliverance of sins is just one sliver of Spiritual enlightenment. Prayers will certainly heal the mind and perhaps the body to some extent. But there is much more to spiritual enlightenment than just going to church and praying. The version of Christianity that was introduced to Africa –by the colonial master—only taught this one sliver of Spiritual enlightenment: "go to church and pray, and you will be happy ever after." Right ? Wrong. And as you read, I will share with you how a more introspective, a more gnostic and expansive approach to Spirituality will help bring about a holistic healing of the body and the mind in a balanced way. The Holy Scriptures informs us that man is made of Body, Mind (Soul) and Spirit. The Body-Mind-Spirit trinity. Let us begin by defining each element of this trinity.

Your physical body is the part of your being that --began as a fetus in the womb of your mother and-- consists of this miraculous and incredible anatomy of interconnected organs and vessels. It’s the vehicle that allows you to interact with the physical world. It’s the indispensable tool you need to operate and interact in the material world. Without it, you can’t exist in the form that you know and understand right now. –Note, that I did not say that without it, you can’t exist, but rather, I am saying that without it you can’t exist in the realm that you know and understand right now--. There may be other realms in which you could exist without a physical body, but that discussion is beyond the scope of this writing. So I won’t delve in that in this writing.

Your Mind is the part of your being that essentially allows you to think, to process your thoughts and to decide on a course of action. It’s very intertwined with the human intellect. It’s the mediator between the spirit and the body. It is the processing center of the constant stream of thoughts in the Universe that permeates and pervades our beings. It is the CPU –Central Processing Unit—of your being. It’s the intelligent part of your consciousness. –Note that I did not say, it’s the wise part of your consciousness, but rather the intelligent part of it. Intelligence is not the same thing as wisdom--. You can find lots of learned people in the world, who are very intelligent but are not wise. Conversely, you can find wise people who are not necessarily very learned.

Your spirit is the immaterial part of your being from which emanates your awareness and your consciousness. It’s the epicenter of the “I am that I am”. It’s the silent observer that engenders the alchemy. It’s the energy that procreates the life force that keeps you alive, awake and conscious. It is the impulse of righteousness that hints you from time to time of what is right. It’s the small still voice that informs you about what’s true about you within you. It is the center of the cosmic and universal wisdom within man. It’s the small representation of God within you. It’s the God within you and a co-creator of the Universe. And it’s really the core of your being.

The essence of spirituality is to teach you how to develop each of these components of your being in a balanced way. The goal is to get you to develop and maintain a healthy body, a balanced Mind or intellect and a pure spirit. Imbalances within these three components are what exacerbate the imperfections of our humanity. The self-destructive complexes of inferiority, the low self-esteem, the vices of the mind, --hatred, anger, jealousy, envy, tribalism, racism, corruption—can all be attributed to the imbalance between the three components of your being.

For instance, some very learned folks –people with a Masters or PhD degree—may have a developed mind but a not so mature spirit. You may know some people who appear to be very intelligent, but only use their knowledge for self-aggrandizement, to belittle, to deride and destroy others. The people running our country today are all somewhat learned folks, but they are just as corrupt, with little compassion for our common humanity. This imbalance occurs when the mind is developed but the spirit is lagging far behind.

You may have also seen people with very healthy and strong bodies, but have not been to school, and don’t know how to read or write or behave responsibly in society. These people have very developed bodies, but the mind may be lagging behind. These would be the big healthy African males that were eligible for slave trade. They were good for the heavy lifting and the farming but were mediocre at best to think or reason.

You may have seen people who go to church every Sunday, pray a lot, cry a lot to God, but don’t use their Mind –enough-- to figure a way out of their problem. Prayers alone won’t provide for food. You still have to use your mind to execute actions in the material world to bring about the materialization of the promise that Jesus already made to you. God has given us all the tools we need to create an environment that is conducive for the pursuit of happiness. But we have to harness and develop these tools. –The Body, the Mind and the Spirit--.

So, as a human being, you have been given the three elements of life. The Body, the Mind and the Spirit. In order to develop these elements, we must first understand the interdependence and co-relationships between them, how they influence each other, and how they interconnect.

The Body-Mind barrier: In modern science, anatomy and physiology study the structure and functions –respectively-- of the physical Body while psychology is the study of the Mind. Let us examine how the two correlate. More specifically, we will try to examine how the cells of your body react to your thoughts, emotions and feelings. The study of the Mind-Body barrier concludes that every cell in your body carries in itself the imprint of your experiences, your thoughts, your emotions and your feelings. Yes, you are what you think.

– For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…-- Proverbs 23:7

Be careful of what you think, how you feel and emote. Negative thoughts and feelings, created and nurtured in your mind can cause you to become obsessive and depressed. Depression and obsession create an imbalance that suppresses the immune system, and inhibits your body’s ability to fight disease. If your immune system can’t fight disease, you are at risk of opportunistic infection, which if left untreated can become a serious ailment. Now, I am not saying that HIV or Tuberculosis can be caused by the Mind, but your mind can substantially weaken your body to fight disease especially in the very early stages where the immune system is known to have the capacity stop these infections during incubation. Diseases like high blood pressure, some cancers are known to be primarily caused by excessive stress. Stress is mostly a mental condition that if left unchecked can cause the body to malfunction. This is how your psychology –or Mind-- affects your biology –or Body--.

Conversely, when the body is stricken by a serious ailment, the Mind can be tremendously weakened. The patient can develop a very serious psychological imbalance as is the case with some cancer or HIV patients. Many serious ailments such cancer, chronic high blood pressure are known be psychosomatic. They don’t just attack and destroy parts of your anatomy, they don’t just disrupt the physiology of your organs, but they also affect your psychology in a very profound way. That’s why modern medicine has included extensive patient counseling as part of the therapy. Because the health status of the body affects the Mind, the thoughts and feelings of the patient. This is how your Biology –or Body— affects your psychology –Mind--.

So, always remember that the cells of your body carry in them the imprints of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. The cells of your body listen to your mind and ingest the imprints they receive from it. In order words, the cells of your body are continually eavesdropping your mind. They are receptacles of the thoughts and feelings animating your Mind. If you nurture hatred, jealousy, envy, racism, tribalism and other vices of the Mind, the cells of your body become imbue with those thoughts and feelings. Your body is what you think and emote.

Similarly, there is a barrier between Body and Spirit. Spirituality asserts that your Body is the crystallization of your spirit. In other words, your Mind and your Spirit are active participants in the genesis and morphosis of your body. Spiritually enlightened people tend to have finer and brighter facial expressions that those who are not. –Facial expression here has nothing to do with being handsome or good looking; instead it has to do with the aura that the facial expression projects to the Universe--. Anecdotically, there is a reason why –the imaginary figure-- Satan is always represented physically by something very dark and ugly. The Holy Scriptures refers to evil people as dark minded. The insinuation is that resident evil in the human Spirit correlates to the darkness of the Mind, and may translate to physical appearances. This is an illustration of the Mind-Spirit barrier.

And as we will see, purifying the mind by controlling its thoughts, emotions and feelings will cleanse the Spirit. Conversely, spiritual cleansing exercises such as fasting, prayers, relaxation, meditation and contemplation will help rid the Mind of its vices. That’s why people who go to church and genuinely pray to God, tend to be meek hearted, loving, compassionate than those who don’t.

So we have seen the three elements of your being, namely the –Body-Mind-Spirit--. And we now know that there is a co-relationship, a co-dependence, a mutual influence between and among these elements. And any holistic approach to Spirituality must deal with all three, to achieve a healthy Body, a balanced Mind and a pure Spirit. Call it the Body-Mind-Spirit trinity.

Maintain a healthy Body:

You maintain a healthy body primarily by the quality of the air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you ingest. Always remember that you breathe life through your nostrils. The vital life force, the alchemy that keeps you alive is absorbed through the air you breathe. Without oxygen, your brain cells will die within 5 minutes. That’s how important the air you breathe is. Make sure to open the doors and windows of your home to recycle and refresh the air. This air contains the vital life force that sustains you. The polluted air in our large cities in Cameroon is the single biggest threat to the life span of our people. The dirty air they breathe will not only affect their biology, but also their psychology and their spiritual state. The continual breathing of polluted air will substantially shorten the life span of the people. Polluted air may not kill you in a week, but it will slowly dismantle the physiology and anatomy of your vital organs. Hence the heart attacks and strokes –and other unreported cause of death-- that have become so prevalent in Cameroon today.

Second, take absolute care of the water you drink. Modern science asserts that the human body is about 65% water. If water constitutes that much of your Body, you want it as clean and pure as it can be. Always rinse the cup or glass before drink from it. Make sure the water is from a clean source. Unfortunately, the leaders of our country are incapable of providing clean water to our people, especially in large cities. This too will contribute to preventable early deaths of our people.

Third, be careful what you eat. Don’t eat everything that you see in nature. Just because God created it does not mean you should eat it. The things you eat get metabolized and wind up in your body cells. Always wash your hands before eating. Make sure the plate, the spoon, the fork are clean before you use them. Remember the Body-Mind connection ? If you breathe, eat and drink dirty, it will affect the way you think, the way you emote, the way you feel and the way you act. We must begin to understand the co-relationships between the three elements of your being.

Fourth, to further keep the Body healthy, physical exercise is needed. Register to nearest Gym in your area. Take some time to stretch your body, run a little, and walk a lot. Leave that car at home and walk to the grocery store sometimes. This little exercise is extremely good for you. Physical exercise accelerates your breathing, hastens your pulse and increases the rate of cellular exchanges. Remember that the health of your body correlates with your thoughts, your emotions and your feelings. Frequent exercise will renew your thoughts and relieve stress.

Maintain a balanced Mind and a pure Spirit:

Your Mind is perhaps the most important of the three. It’s the CPU that runs the Operating System of your life. It’s the nexus between the Body and the Spirit. A healthy mind is alert, curious, inventive and thirsts for knowledge. Unfortunately, by the time you read this article, your Mind has already been conditioned by your formal education, your past experiences, your emotions and feelings. But you can begin to reverse some of the conditioning that you choose to rid yourself of.

To maintain a balanced Mind, start by taking control of your Mind. Instead of letting your –runaway-- Mind think for you, begin train your Mind what to think about. If your Mind is straying towards hatred, envy, discrimination, stir it away from these vices and nurture it towards love, towards compassion. Take the time to help people in anyway you can. Visit patients that you don't know in a hospital. Find a way to provide some help to people in need. Don't be insensible to the plights and sorrows of others. Reading books is a great exercise of the Mind. It allows you to focus the Mind on a topic of your choosing. Prayer and relaxation are great exercises to refocus the Mind. Whereas watching TV is not so great, because you don’t control the content being watched, and hence you don’t control the topic on which to focus the Mind. The most effective exercises of the Mind are perhaps found in the teachings of Yoga. Learning how to breath, to relax, to meditate, to contemplate are extremely effective exercises of the Mind. Join a Yoga club or buy a book in Yoga and you will be very glad you did.

Always remember that the life force that keeps you alive is breathed through your nostrils. When you engage in a controlled conscious breathing exercise, the air you breathe is not only imbue of vital Life force, but it also carries the imprints of the positive thoughts that run through your Mind at the time. These positive thoughts in the Mind get absorbed by the cells of your Body. That’s how you can slowly reverse the initial conditioning of the Mind. If you have bad emotions and feelings that you like to get rid of, well conscious breathing and relaxation are your answers.

Remember that the cells of your body carry in them an imprint of your thoughts, emotions and feelings, past and present. The cells of your body are the repository of the subconscious reservoirs of past conditioning. Yoga asserts that conscious breathing, relaxation and meditation exercises will alter these old cellular imprints with new ones. In that lies the secret of changing your past reality with a new one, and shape it to what you want it to be. So you can now see why you are the Master of your own destiny. You are the sole party responsible for what may be happening to you. Your current life’s condition is a reflection of the subconscious reservoir of thoughts and emotions that have crystallized in your body cells. This subconscious reservoir is the center of the neuro-automatic responses that sometimes dictates how you act and feel, and who you appear to be. The good news is that you have the ability to change your reality. Body-Mind-Spirit interexchange is the secret. Learn it, practice it and become Master of your reality and your Universe.

For those who are Christians, it should be noted that Yoga is not a religion. This writing is not an attempt to make you a convert. My intention here is not to proselytize you. Yoga’s teachings are by no means contrary or antagonistic to those of Christianity. Christianity as we know it today only teaches you to pray to Jesus and that everything will be ok. Yoga gives you the subsidiary tools that give you more control over your Spiritual experience. Equipped with these simple but powerful tools, and having Jesus on your side is an invaluable addition to the art of Mastering your destiny and Spiritual experience.

Body-Mind-Spirit interexchange will rid our people of the colonial and enslaved mindset. It will rid our people from mental slavery. It will change the sad reality that has crystallized in the depth of their consciousness so long. It will alter our people mentality and teach them of the need to serve mankind when in position of power. The Mindset of tribalism, corruption, self-hatred, self- aggrandizement must be eradicated and replaced with one of brotherhood, love and compassion for mankind. We, the African people, must rethink our Spirituality. Spirituality will free our peoples Mind and teach them to become masters of their thoughts. It will teach them not to let anyone control their Mind, for he who controls the Mind, controls you and every aspect of your live.

Now you have the tools to become all that you can be. Keep on working on your Body, your Mind and your Spirit and you will become more enlightened, more intelligent, more imaginative, more creative in a positive way. Your education alone won’t get you there. You education by itself will serve you very little. Spirituality carries the secret wisdom that will bring meaning to the knowledge and education you have acquired. Spirituality is the essence of creation. Don’t let the colonial Master teach you otherwise.

Having the same dictator in power for 31 years has conditioned and frozen the Minds of our people. That explains in part why the people of the National Assembly continue to support a regime that they all know is bad for the country. This is because in the last three decades, their Minds have been conditioned to only think the same way, and only arrive to the same conclusion. Their Minds only think of this one man as the only possibility. They are incapable of imagining a new and different reality from the one that has settled and crystallized in the cellular reservoir of conditioning. It is the definition mental slavery.


The cells of the body are the repository of the subconscious reservoirs of past conditioning. –ANST--

Your current life’s condition is a reflection of the subconscious reservoir of thoughts, feelings and emotions that have crystallized in your body cells. This subconscious reservoir is the center of the neuro-automatic response that sometimes dictates how you think and act. –ANST—

Conscious breathing, relaxation and meditation exercises, --by virtue of the cellular exchange process-- will alter the subconscious reservoir of crystallized emotions, feelings and thoughts. –ANST--

Powered By the ANST Brotherhood –ANST--


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