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Imagine, Inspire, Educate, Create, Transform

Imagine: It’s through the power of our imagination that we can overcome the challenges we face as a people. Try to imagine what we can do as a people to overcome poverty, disease, tribalism and corruption. We have to learn how to think through the topics of our times and attempt to come up with solutions to our problems.


Inspire: We have to only use our imagination to inspire others. We must learn to only think and say things that can inspire us and other people. Abstain as much as possible to say things that are divisive, derisive and condescending to others, for this will neither inspire you nor will it inspire our people, and will certainly not advance our cause. Be moderate, tolerant, inclusive and respectful of others opinion even –and especially-- when you disagree.

Educate: We must continue to educate our people on the problems we face. We must raise awareness through knowledge sharing, through information, and through collaboration. We must educate our people on the constitution –or the law of the land-- of their country. We must teach them to become stake holders of their country. We must educate them on the need to stand up for what's right and just, lest they be caused to stumble by the wrongs of a few. Teach them that we don’t have to settle for mediocrity and the status quo. Teach them that there is a brighter future and hope in the horizon, but we must work –tirelessly-- together to get there. Teach our people to stand against tribalism, corruption, witchcraft and other irrational phenomenon. For these are the vices that have plagued our society for far too long, and are a hindrance to our progress and ambitions as a people. Teach them to stand for the rule of law and be good citizens of their country. Teach them to mobilize, to persuade others to do the same, to register and vote for change. Teach them that the National Assembly is where we can make change happen.—intellectually, philosophically and constitutionally.-- Only vote for the people who share our common conviction and aspirations as a people. Only vote for people who are committed to the cause of change. If we come out and vote massively for change, no fraud can stop our conscious will as a people. If someone tries to buy your vote, take the money and vote against them instead.


Create: Create communities, structures and organizations for creative change. Structures that raise awareness and rally our people behind just and righteous principles. Train our people to become competent citizens at what they do, and teach them the principles of leadership and community organizing. Educate them on the need and necessity to forge coalitions, build relationships, partnerships and interdepencies with other organizations and structures that share the same principles and ideas. Change will only come when we build coalitions and teams of principled people --in all regions-- who share the same convictions, the same goals, similar ideas and vision of our country. Don't spend your time fighting with those who agree with you in principle, just because their approach differs from yours.

Organize, Mobilize, Collaborate, Creative Change

Organize: We must learn to organize our people and our efforts around a common cause. Our cause must be righteous and just. Our judgment must be fair and balanced. We must be inclusive, tolerant, humble and compassionate in all forms of expression. Abstain from ascribing to radical and extreme ideas. Debates should only be about ideas and not personalities. When making an arguments, stay within the realm of the topic being debated. Don’t talk about people, talk about ideas. We must learn to disagree without being disagreeable. We must learn to disagree on ideas and not on personalities. That’s how we will learn to work together, find solutions to our problems and advance our common cause.


Mobilize: We must learn to mobilize our efforts and our resources to achieve a common objective. We must learn to act decisively to change the things  that we know and believe are wrong into things we know are right.

Collaborate: We must learn to collaborate. We must learn to work together, learn from each other, share our knowledge and grow together intellectually and spiritually as a community of people. The change we seek is in each and every one of us. Change can only be achieved through collaboration, through selfless team work. We must learn to be part of something bigger than our individual selves. We are much greater together than the sum of our individual selves.

“When ordinary people come together, they can achieve extraordinary things” – Barack Obama—

It's through collaboration that a hive of bees can produce the delicious soup of honey. Something that an individual bee can’t achieve by itself.

It's through collaboration that the cells of your body work together to keep your body alive –without you having to tell them what to do--, something an individual cell can’t accomplish in isolation.

We must be positive and creative in any change we seek. Change must be progressive, carefully and thoroughly thought through. Together, we can overcome our challenges. Together, we can build a brighter country for our children, better than the one that was handed to us.

Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, Improve

To achieve our objectives –or any objective in life-- and reach our milestones, we must:

Prepare: This phase is about gathering all the information we will need.

Plan: This phase is about deciding on all the components and pieces that we will need to achieve a common goal or a common cause. In this phase, we actually define the structure and function of each component of the structure.

Design: In this phase we actually design each component of the structure as defined in the planning phase. Build the individual components of the structure.

Implement: In this phase we put all components together, and test the functions of the structure.

Operate: Now that you have built the structure, you must put it to work. In this phase, you operate the structure on a day to day basis and ensure that the structure is performing as intended.

Improve: Everything can be improved upon. In this phase, you establish a baseline, gather information and build a measurement matrix. This allows you to track failures, improvements and come up with a plan of correction and improvements.

People, Family, Community

We must keep our families strong and healthy. We must build structures that support our people in their objectives and dreams. We must build strong and functional communities of people. A strong nation begins with strong communities of people.

Improving on our people's ability to think, to inspire, to create.

We must encourage our people to read more, to listen more and pay attention to what they hear. Learning begins with hearing, listening carefully, reading new topics and studying things that are different from what you already know. Our young people should not spend all their time drinking beer, "night clubbing", dancing and only entertain the pleasures of the physical senses. Too much stimuli of the senses always come at the expense of the intellect. Spend some time reading, studying, learning new things. It’s through the power of knowledge and imagination that we can get clean water, electricity and perhaps Broadband internet to that remote village in Bertoua. Africa should not be a place where the human intellect goes to drink its way to oblivion and irrelevance. Africa must again become a place of hope and inspiration.


Teaching our people how to express themselves. The psychology of the human expression.

We must teach our people how to express themselves using the correct words and making sure the meaning of what they say conveys the thoughts that they are trying to express. Learn to find out the proper meaning and context of words. Don’t use a word that you don't know its meaning. Don’t use words in the wrong context. Be careful with how you use words, because words are spirits and they carry in them the synergy that has the capacity to transform, to build or destroy. Try to only say what you mean and mean what you say. Don't always say anything that comes to your mind. Before saying it, think about how it can help the people listening, how it will improve them in some way. If your thoughts or ideas will not help people, there is no need to share them.

Learn to use talking points from others that are known to have been established as truths and politically correct. As we fight to change our country, we must come up with talking points that convey the ideas we want to disseminate. When we all repeat the exact same talking points, we make our ideas more persuasive to the intended audience. Words are the most effective instruments of human communication. The ability to communicate with the correct speech enables us to establish links with others, to understand our diverse cultures, and to expand our knowledge base, our mind and intellect. The ability to communicate also gives us the incredible power of persuasion, the power to link others to our cause, the power to convince others and raise their awareness on topics that they may not have been otherwise sensitive to.

Talking points must be aspirational, positive and creative. They must inspire, unite and summon the good spirit of our people.

A positive talking point: “We shall overcome”. –used during the civil rights movement in the US”

Don’t use talking points that are destructive and incite anger, hate or fear. Don't use talking points that do not inspire people and bring out the demons of human beings.

A destructive talking point: “Operation villes mortes” –used in Cameroon in the nineties--


Teaching our people political and social correctness through archetypes and social conduct.

Our society must encourage archetypes that instill political correctness in the minds and psyche of our people. Stand against what’s wrong such as corruption, witchcraft, tribalism, favoritism and other “isms” that under mind and hinder the progress of mankind. We must build a society that encourages good behavior, such as respect, dignity, freedom, tolerance, inclusiveness, humility and compassion. Our society must marginalize and punish bad societal conduct, such as hate, tribalism, corruption, witchcraft, self-aggrandizement and the vices of the mind that hinder the emancipation of the human spirit.

“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” –Benjamin Franklyn.--

Harness the ingenuity and creativity of our people

Teach our people the values and principles of freedom, tolerance and self-reliance. The principles of integrity and honesty. We must teach our people the importance of hard work. We are the change we are waiting for. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you. Take the lead to begin the fight for the change you believe in. Try to make right of every wrong you see. Talk about it, write about it, scream about it –if necessary--, raise others awareness about it. Don’t seat back passively and expect things to change by themselves, because they won’t. You must act to bring the change --you believe in-- to fruition. The Universe around you only changes, because we the people shape it and model it.

“The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice –because we, the people bend it—“ --MLK—

It takes action from good men to force the arc to bend towards justice.

Emancipation from mental slavery: Boby/Mind barrier. Biology/Psychology barrier

We must emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. We must overcome our negative impulses of envy, hate, tribalism and corruption. We must rid ourselves of the negatives impulses that hinder the expansion of the human mind and spirit. Rid your mind from its vices, impurities and deficiencies. Replace the vices of your mind with the positive instincts of respect, tolerance, humility, compassion and love. We must learn to accept personal responsibility. You are responsible for your own problems, not others. Don’t blame others for your failures and short comings, instead learn from your mistakes and try to make the corrections needed to perfect your mind, your thought process and your actions. That’s how you will eventually become successful. Life is an experiment and we all make mistakes, but success only comes to those who accept and learn from their mistakes.

Spirituality, Prayer and Obedience to your Creator:

Spirituality must be a part of your life. The Universe around you is alive and aware of your presence. And your spirit bears witness with the Creator that you are a co-creator of your reality. Take the time to withdraw from the world and get some quiet time with yourself. Take the time for relaxation, meditation and prayer. Take the time for reflection and introspection. In the absolute quietness of the mind, the Universal wisdom, the small still voice --or God-- speaks to you. Listen carefully to what it has to say to you, for it is your Creator seeking your attention. If you are a Christian, a Moslem, a Jew, a Buddhist or an animist, take the time to pray and make your requests and petitions be known to the Universe or God.

Always remember, God is not in a place called heaven. God is not above the skies or beneath the ocean. God is the omnipresent life force, the alchemy that continually breathes life into your body. God is the omnipresent energy that permeates and pervades the entire Universe, from the electrons in the atom, the cells of your body, the oxygen you breathe and the magical life force that animates your body. God’s omnipresence permeates the entire Universe around you and is aware of your presence at all times, and your spirit bears witness to this presence and acknowledges that you have the right to be here right now. You are a co-creator of the Universe around you. It’s your right to acknowledge the Universal wisdom around you, and to make your supplications and petitions known to your Creator. Do so diligently with reverence, humility and truth.

Always remember that "Cause and Effect" is the prime law of the Universe. It’s the law of just compensation, it’s the law of “You rip what you sow”, it’s the law of Karma. It’s the law that Operates your life, whether you know it not, whether you accept it or not. The Universe will always –unfailingly and infallibly-- respond to your actions, thoughts or feelings with a reaction --of the same polarity-- of its own. --Positive to positive, negative to negative--. You can’t escape from it. It’s the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Karma. The law of "You rip what you sow". It’s the prime Law of the Universe.


When you change from within –in a positive way--, when you challenge yourself to overcome the vices of your mind, the Universe around you, --the people around you, those that you meet and still to meet-- will react positively and favorably in the way they relate to you. –ANST—

Under-development is not caused by Economics alone. It’s a reflection of our collective mental and spiritual state of awareness and consciousness. It is the culmination of our collective Karma. It is a measure of what we as a people deserve at this point in time of our evolution. –ANST--


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