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First I must congratulate the brave and courageous people of Southern Cameroons for their resolve to march for freedom. Freedom must be achieved in the human mind before it can be materialized. And we know that our people are already free from fear and the tyranny of the oppressor. They have overcome their fears, and in so doing, they have unmasked and shamed the oppressor. 

What the tyrant does not understand is that Sovereignty is ultimately the people’s. When a people have risen and transcended their fears, they cannot be governed without their consent. And you the people of Southern Cameroons have shown that to the world.


With such determination, grit and persistence, nothing can stop you from achieving full independence. The struggle will be protracted, the road to freedom will be long and sometimes perilous, but we are reminded that we must finish the job, for we have gone too far now to turn back. The cost of retreat will be steeper than the price to pay to achieve complete victory.

So, we must not relent, we must redouble our resolve and see this through, because the future of our children depends on it. If we fight and run away, we will live to fight another day for the same cause and the price will steeper. We have travelled too far, we have been to the mountain top and seen the promise land. We must now look in the eyes of our children and promise them that we shall get there.

The Southern Cameroonian people have shown the world that their collective spirit as a people has been awakened to freedom and illuminated with liberty. 

With such enthusiasm, with such determination, with such bravery and boldness, this movement has now become unstoppable. And it is just a matter of time before La Republique unravels before our eyes. We just have to keep up the pressure.

Having said that, I like to make some remarks with respect to the October 1st, the date of the celebration of the restoration of the Independence of the Southern Cameroons.


It is my feeling that at this point of the revolution, we can afford to adopt a strategy to fight tough when we must, and fight smart when we can, in order to minimize the loss of human life.

Our case has already been made to the world. Freedom has rang in the minds of our people. Liberty has been won in their hearts. Our people are already free in their minds and hearts from the shackles of La Republique.

They have sang their songs of freedom, they have celebrated and danced about it. They have sang their –wonderfully beautiful-- national anthem and paraded their flag all over the land of Ambazonia for the whole world to see.

And therefore the date of October 1st is only celebratory. Yes it is a landmark date for the independence, but it is also just symbolic. Our independence is already achieved in the minds of our people and the long road to freedom goes beyond the date of October 1st as the people begin to systematically dismantle and root out the colonial institutions in our land, block by block, city by city and county by county.

After October 1st, all the Governors, the DOs, the SDOs, the “Delegue de Gouvernement”, the gendarmes and the police, which all represent the colonial legacy of oppression will have to be flushed out and dismantled block by block. That is how we eradicate the legacy of slavery and colonial oppression in our land once and for all.

So, given that struggle will go way beyond the symbolic milestone date of October 1st, and given what the people have already proven on the memorable date of September 22nd, we can afford to fight smart on this particular date of October 1st. 

What to expect on October 1st in Buea ?

There are reports of La Republique is heavily concentrating its forces in Buea. I would suppose that their objective is to make a last stand to prevent the Governor’s office from falling into the hands of our people and hoisting the flag at the Governor’s mansion. They seem to have put all their eggs in that one basket to only protect the Governor’s office. They seem to have decided that, for them, the finale and the mother of all battles culminates at the Governor’s office as our people try to occupy it and hoist their flag.

People, the question is the following: The Governor’s office in Buea is an important artifact and symbol to the revolution that we know will fall sooner or later. So, the question is, do we need to put a fight to take it ? Yes you bet.

But, do we need to make it the quintessential objective to attain on October 1st even at the risk to put many human lives at risk ?

Well, I turn to think that it won’t be necessary. October 1st is a celebratory day. Foremost, we want our people to rejoice and celebrate. We want our people to come out in record numbers all over the land well dressed, with all traditional dancers, their drums, their jujus, their whistles, and all other celebratory gears and gadgets and sing the national anthem, carry the flag and chant freedom.

This will done everywhere in the land of Southern Cameroons all day.

If we can’t reach the Governor’s office in Buea, because La Republique forces have made it their graveyard, no problem. We can temporarily cede it to them, for we know that sooner or later, we will take it. Buea will sooner or later fall when everywhere else has fallen. 

We can raise the flag at Bongo Square and sing the Anthem there or as far up the hill as we can go. We don’t need to get to the Governor’s office on October 1st. We know for sure that it will fall sooner or later with very little resistance. 

It is my view that it will not be necessary to engage La Republique forces in this potentially perilous bloody fight on a day that we want our people to be celebrating their freedom. And furthermore, we know that sooner or later we will capture that Governor’s mansion with little or no resistance because we have the home court advantage, and La Republique forces will not be stationed there for eternity. It is simply not sustainable for them.

The deployment of forces that La Republique is currently engaged in is simply not sustainable. These forces cannot possibly remain in Buea beyond several weeks or months, because they have no place to stay, possibly no food or even clean water to drink. And for them to just be hanging out there day-in day-out, all nights will prove to be very exhausting for their short term moral, for folks who are paid $200/month (?), while our people enjoy the comforts of their homes at night. 

This is our home court advantage. The occupier has to live out doors under hardship. Our people do not. So we don’t have to pick up a fight with them on October 1st just to reach the Governor’s Office as if it were the only trophy at play on that celebratory date.

Our strategy should be to pick the fight for the mansion at the correct time of our choosing because we can afford to wait, when the rest of Southern Cameroons would have fallen. That Governor’s mansion is in our land. Sooner or later it will fall. This is called fighting smart and not fighting tough all the times.

So on October 1st, our goal should be to get to the Governor’s office, but if we can’t, not a big deal, we know for sure that we will get it latter at the time of our choosing. 

The celebration of Independence is not only about the Governors’ mansion. It is mostly celebratory and have our people out there shouting, singing, dancing and celebrating their freedom. And if we can achieve this with very minimal or no human loss, then we would have achieved a victory for the ages, knowing very well that struggle will continue pass Independence day, as we systematically flush out the “La Republique” colonial institutions block by block, city by city and county by county in our land. 

Again, my praise goes to the incredible courage, bravery and resilience of the people of Southern Cameroons. We should all be very proud for our people. Freedom is at our door step. After October 1st, a new chapter will begin and we will recalibrate, re-strategize and continue fighting tough when we must, and smart when we can.

This writing will not be complete without a salute to our heroes who have given their lives so that we can be free someday. To all their families and love ones, we say: we owe you an unpayable debt of gratitude and we shall not forget your sacrifice. You will forever be remembered in our hearts as we engrave and enshrine you in the memories of Ambazonia. Your name shall be remembered in our street, in our public squares, in our monuments, in our institutions of freedom. May your souls rest in perfect peace and may your spirit strengthen us as we carry on your legacy till the days of final victory.

May God continue to bless the people of Southern Cameroons.


We, the people of Southern Cameroons have been to the mountain top and seen the promise land. And now, we must look into the eyes of our children –in tears-- and promise them that we shall get them there. –ANST Fraternity—


The blood of our fallen heroes is a ransom we pay for our freedom. The blood of the people that has been spilled on our streets is the down payment --or the offerings-- for our freedom at the altar of God’s creation. –ANST Fraternity—


For if we triumph without peril, then the victory would be without glory. For history teaches us that freedom has a cost. And the determined people of Southern Cameroons are ready. This is their moment. This is their time. –ANST Fraternity—



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