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In the wake of the restoration of the Internet in the Southern Cameroon, our people are being cautiously smart not to overplay their victory lap, because they are not exactly sure what the new calculus of the confused tyrannical and unpredictable government of Cameroon might be. 



Having said that, it is very difficult not to see the restoration of the Internet as a sign of –at least partial— capitulation of this anachronistic “House Negro” colonial government, which still thinks that it can enslave and oppress its people in silence, complicity and impunity in the 21st century. It appears that the pressure put on the International community of civilized nations by the Cameroonian Diaspora has been brought to bear. The tyrannical “bone headed” government of “La Republique” realized its awkward miscalculation and finally capitulated on that count.  The bloviating tyrant bluffed and we call it !

Congratulations people !!



But what have we learned so far from the “Coffin Revolution” ? What are the takeaways from this humiliating retraction of this tyrannical government ? A government which pretends to be strong on the outside, while helplessly, hypocritically and secretly pleading for negotiation and help from the Anglophones ? A government which modus operandi is to bribe and corrupt everyone with an alternative vision and a genuine conviction and aspiration to make a better life for our people. A bloviating paper tiger government that is specialized in bluffing, intimidation and threats. A government which does not respect the basic fundamental rights of its citizens as prescribed by the constitution or the law of the land, very same constitution for which it is the guarantor.

What should be our next step going forward ?


People, we would be very naif to read any tea leaves from the crocodile tears of the government of “La Republique”.  We must not unclench the fist of our struggle. We must not relent on the resolve and determination to take it through the finish line.

If we fight and run away, if we fight and settle for less, we will live to fight another day for the same cause, and the price to pay will be steeper. This is our moment. This is our time. We must fight all the way till total and irreversible victory. We must achieve freedom now for our people and our children once and for all.


Remember how Ahidjo tricked the Fonchas and the Munas in the baseless and senseless 1972 Foumban treaty, for which we are paying a very steep price today ? This generation of Southern Cameroonians cannot and must not fall in the same trivial trap. We must get it right this time. Let history be our guide and lesson.


We must proceed as if nothing happened and continue with the strikes, the Ghost towns and the civil disobedience actions as scheduled by the Consortium Leaders.

We must double the pressure and turn up the volume and the heat until full and complete capitulation of this "machiavellic", deceptive and treacherous government that must not be trusted in anything.


These are some quick takeaways of the state of our revolution:


1-    The tyrannical government of “La Republique” is confused. It must now be clear to the government, that state sponsored (cyber) terrorism methods –like Internet Shutdown-- will not work with the brave people of Southern Cameroon, when it comes to our rights to self-determination, our freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and rights to peaceful protests. 

Nothing can break our resolve and stop us from exercising our basic constitutional –and universal-- rights and freedom. No rapists or murderous police or gendarmes can stop us, when we stand up, united as one people marching for our freedom.


2-    The government is learning that it can no longer utilize the military to suppress the basic rights of the determined people of Southern Cameroon. Their rapists police and gendarmes cannot break the resolve of a united and determined people. They must now capitulate to the just and rightful demands of self-determination and freedom of the people of the Southern Cameroon.


3-    The government now understands that our movement and march for freedom is non-violent and peaceful by design. The consortium leaders strategically emphasized on our constitutional rights to peaceful protests and strikes, --such as no school, Ghost towns on certain days--, but we also, as a people, reserve the rights to self-defense if provoked or attacked by the rapists murderous police and gendarmes aimlessly roaming our streets. Our movement preaches non-violence but we reserve our full constitutional –and universal—rights to self-defense when the lives of our people are put at risk by the reckless destructive forces of “La Republique”.


4-    Our people have come to the full understanding of the secret plan of this government to systematically destroy, absorb and dissolve the Anglophone culture and system into the corrupt Francophone majority under the pretext and guise of Harmonization and promotion of fake bilingualism. Their plan has failed miserably due to the continued vigilance of our people.


Let this government understand once and for all that our revolution is not about bilingualism. It has nothing to do with bilingualism. In fact, we don’t care about Bilingualism. Everyone anywhere in the world has the right to learn and speak any language of their choosing, and you don’t have to be in a so called bilingual country to do that.


Our struggle is about the full and complete right of a people to self-determination. We want a form of governance in which, we the people can shape our own destiny and that of our children. We want a future where we the people, can control our own future  and not some tribalistic bureaucrate from Yaounde –or in a Switzerland Hotel room--  telling us how to live our lives and how to raise our kids in the land of our forefathers.



We seek a system of Government in which an elected Governors (and/or Prime Minister) is vested with broad constitutional powers to manage his Region or state. A system in which DOs and SDOs, like Mayors are elected by the people of that region and accountable to them through free and fair election.



We seek a government of the people, by the people and for the people, which is closer to the people, at the proximity of the people, resembles the people and accountable to the people.



No more appointed Beti/Boulou –or CPDM kleptocrats-- folks, incapable of running their own village, to come tell us how to run our lives in the land of our ancestors.


No more appointed leaders who get their marching orders from their slave Master in Paris to come and steal and loot our resources –petroleum, timber, rubber, etc..-- while leaving us in generational poverty holding the bags of generational debt that we can never repay.


No more colonial leaders who would surrender our sovereignty to a colonial currency –The FCFA--, surrender the control of our sea ports and airports, surrender our telecommunications sector, surrender our natural resources to a slave master in Paris in exchange for weapons and power over their own people.

This is what is at stake people !


So how can we capitalize on this –at least-- partial capitulation of the enemy to storm our way to complete Freedom and the enemy's total surrender ?


Good people of Southern Cameroon, revolutions are not won in 6 months or even a year. Some revolution could last for several years and even decades.

The Palestinians are still revolting and seeking their statehood. The Mandela-led South African revolution that swept the country into freedom lasted for decades.


So, we must brace for a long and protracted struggle and expect anything from the oppressor.

Yesterday it was the Internet Shutdown, tomorrow it could be an electrical blackout, it could be water shutdown, it could be the enemy using the "Brasserie du Cameroun" to poison our people, it could be the military using chemical weapons –like in Syria--, it could be a conspiracy poisoning, it could be anything, and we must be very vigilant and prepared for anything they throw our way.

Our resolve, our grit and determination, our persistence, our resilience and resistance will in the end prevail over tyranny, fear and injustice.


The history of mankind teaches us that, when a united people stand up against evil, injustice, oppression, tyranny and fear, when a good people resist the divisions of the oppressor, the struggle could be at times perilous and protracted, there would be sad days and some not so sad, but in the end the people always prevail and achieve victory at the altar of creation, because the universal pendulum of freedom always swing toward justice and liberty.


And because in the end, the divine essence of God’s universe always prevail over the intricacies of a small tyrant dictator of a man who thinks he is a small god above all of the people.

That is how --and why-- we know that in the end we will win, not because of the might of our weapons, but because of our collective resolve, our grit and determination, augmented by the righteousness of the cause for justice and the freedom that we all share and dream for.


We needed a victory to sustain the “Coffin Revolution” and we got one --irrespective of how small it might be--. It will be written that the government of “La Republique” capitulated on that count.


But the struggle is not over by any stretch of the imagination. We shall not stop here, we must not relent, we shall not leave any stone unturned, and we shall pursue our cause for the right to self-determination, freedom and justice till the very end.


Until all of our people are free in our land, until all our leaders are unconditionally released from the jail slaughter houses of “La Republique”, until we are free to build our own roads, our own bridges, our own schools, our own hospitals, our own oil refineries, launch our own communication satellites, control our own sea and air ports, control our own educational curriculum, control our own legal system, chose our own leaders –who look and speak like us— and hold them accountable in a free and fair election, until we achieve all of these things, the struggle is nowhere near to the end.


We shall not fail. We shall overcome.


May God bless the courageous people of Southern Cameroon.




There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what is not true. The other is to refuse to accept what is true.”

 ---Soren Keirgegaard---


“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” ---Albert Einstein---


“The people deserve the leaders they get at any point in time of their evolution” –The ANST Fraternity— 



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