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The discontentment of the Anglophone lawyers in Cameroon is just the tip of the iceberg of the outrageous injustices that the Anglophone people of Cameroon have suffered under the tribalistic regime of M. Paul Biya. The Anglophone people of Cameroon are the casualties and the hostages of this tyrannical despotic system, that seeks to systematically dismantle their way of life, their cultural and linguistic values, and the careers that they have worked so hard to achieve.

The regime is relentless in its effort to deconstruct the Anglophone system of education and its ethos which it considers a threat to the corrupt and bankrupt francophone system. Cameroon is supposed to be a bilingual nation with English and French as the two official and equal languages. But the Beti people of this tyrannical system, in flagrant disregard and violation of the constitution have been relentless in their hopeless effort to undermine the Anglophone people of Cameroon. A regime of incompetent octogenarian oligarchs, bankrupt of ideas to reform this small country, and whose only goal is to cling to power at all cost without consent of the people and accountability. A government entrenched in the tribal politics of fear and corruption that sees any progressive movement of legitimate change as a threat to its power and existence. This flagrant breach of the constitutional rights of the Cameroonian people must not stand.

I call on all the good people of Cameroon to join the lawyers in this movement of Freedom and self-preservation. Let all the teachers, the Medical doctors and nurses, the police officers, the Bensikeneurs and the people of all walks of life join these brave lawyers. Let the francophone people not stand idly by and think for a minute that it is just an Anglophone thing. Because when someone’s rights are violated; the rights of all of us are violated. If you don’t stand in solidarity for what is right, then no one will stand with you when your own rights will be violated.

Let all the people of Cameroon –Anglophone and Francophones-- stand up in support with these courageous lawyers and fight for what is fair and just. Remember, if the freedom of any of us is threatened, the freedoms of all are threatened. Remember that the tyrannical system will oppress you too when you stand up against higher gasoline prices or higher taxes or any other flagrant abuse from your government. Freedom is a collective endeavor of all of the people. When someone’s freedom is threatened, all of our freedoms are in danger, irrespective of tribes, ethnicity or lingual origins.

Paul Biya is the last tyrant of the 21st century. The last despot who has enslaved his people for 34 years. A man who is bankrupt of ideas, with no concrete plans to make a better life for the poor people of Cameroon. A president who spends more time in Switzerland than in his own country, a man who disparages his people and his country, but clings to power at all cost even at the risk and peril of an entire generation of people and country.

People, I can’t help but to think that Cameroon is cursed country, given that the former President Ahmadou Ahidjo, upon leaving power had plenty of options for his succession. But the one option he picked in Paul Biya, ended up being the worst possible outcome of all the options that Cameroon had.

From Monica Koumateke who died with her unborn babies in her womb in front of a hospital of all places, to the people who recently perished in the train derailment, Cameroon has become hell on earth to its people, because of this one man. Cameroon could have had any other man as president and be a better country than it is today, but somehow it had to be this one devil of a man who ended up at the helm of the country. It is unfortunate for this small country.

I like to remind the people of Cameroon that Freedom has never been free. It must be fought for and bled for at the altar of creation. Freedom will only come when the "alpha males" of the country, the brave patriots –men and women—will rise up and stand for what is right.

The tyrant cannot be wished away. He will not go away on his own. The oppressor’s heart of stone will not become flesh overnight. In all of the history of mankind, tyrants must be faced with the fierce determination of a people who yearn for freedom. It is what Moses (Bible) did for the people of Israel some 4000 years in Egypt under a brutal and merciless Pharaoh who enslaved the people of Israel. It is what Martin Luther King Jr. did for the Black Americans during the civil rights movement in the 60s in the USA. It is what Nelson Mandela did for the people of South Africa. It is what the people of Burkina Faso did with the small tyrant of man in Blaise Compaore. It is what Gandhi did for the people of India. In all of history, the "alpha males" of society must stand up and lead a movement for freedom and justice that will ultimately free the people and bring lasting change to society. Moses, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Mandela, Jomo Kenyatta are some of the "alpha males" of history. Where are the "alpha males" of francophone Africa ?

People, Cameroon has become our Egypt as it was some 4000 years ago with the Israelites. And it must be abundantly clear by now that if you want change in Cameroon, you must stand up and ask that the tyrant frees the people of Cameroon. And for that, the people of Cameroon must rally behind a common set of ideas for their country. For a revolution to succeed, the goals must be clearly defined. The people must clearly know what they want to achieve for their country. And so these are the things that the people must ask of this tyrannical regime:

1-    We need a ten states Federal solution for Cameroon. In the last 34 years, we have seen the limits of an overly Centralized Government in Yaoundé, where one tribal group of people entrenches itself at the helm of power without respect for the dignity and the humanity of the people of the other tribes. Why should an Ewondo man be Governor of South West or North West when he has no tangible ties –be it cultural, tribal or lingual—to these people? It makes no sense for someone with no ties to a people to become their governor. The Governor of a province must be someone who knows and loves the people of that province and has tangible --cultural, ethnic and lingual-- ties to the people he seeks to govern. 

Governors of the Provinces or states must be elected locally by the people of that Province. The Governor must be vested with real constitutional powers to govern the Province and will be accountable to the people of that province who will elect their Governor every 4 years for a maximum of two terms per person. The governor will be responsible to provide for clean water, electricity, decent housing, safe roads, good hospital for the people of that Province. He will be responsible to handle the annual budget of that province and will be accountable to the people who elected him and can hold him accountable every four years at the ballot box.

Let people of the same tribes govern themselves. We don’t need one tyrant of a president --in some distant Switzerland hotel-- imposing his ill will to the rest the people who do not want it. Let the Beti folks govern themselves, let the Bamileke people govern themselves, let the people of the North West and the South West govern themselves, let the people of the North and Adamoua provinces govern themselves and we will all be better off as a country.

The Central government will represent the country at the International level and will be responsible for protecting the territorial integrity of the nation. This concept of Federalism –or regionalism-- has been tested and works just fine in Nigeria, Ghana, the US and many other culturally and enthnically diverse countries around the world.

A centralized form of government --as we currently have now-- can only work for a small group of homogeneous people who share the same culture, the same history, the same language and ethnicity. Cameroon, being a multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-tribal, multi-lingual country, cries out for a federated form of governance. It is precisely what we need in Cameroon today. A ten states Federal Republic of Cameroon with ten stars in its flag. Even the Republic of Tchad is now considering a federal form of Government.

We don’t need a hand full of tribalistic and egocentric people impose their short sightedness to the rest of the people. Paul Biya may be a good Governor for the Beti people, but he is evidently a very bad leader for the people of the other tribes, and so he should not be allowed to impose his unsolicited ideas to those people.

2-    We need a constitutional reform –or a National Conference—to reform the constitution of Cameroon to impose a two term limits to the Presidency, to redefine the role of the branches of Government. –Executive, Legislative and Judiciary--. There must be a clear balance of power between the branches of our Government. The President can only nominate people, but the Legislative branch must consent and ratify the nomination. And Governors of the Provinces will be responsible to provide clean water, electricity, decent housing and safer roads to the people of that province who would have elected him.

3-    We must demand the liberation of all the political prisoners. Paul Biya should not be allowed to detain people indefinitely without due process just because they too may want to be President. All political prisoners must be set free.

People, keep in mind that the problems that the people of Cameroon face today –lawyers complains, Universities being forced to adopt the francophone system of education, the court being forced to use French as the primary language--  are due to an overreaching executive branch of Government run amok. A Government that is run by an absentee Switzerland President, while the bankrupt incompetent folks left behind try to run the plantation without any idea of what good governance is all about. That is how we end up with a train that was meant to pull 6 wagons ending up pulling 16, putting people's lives at risk and killing them in a tragic derailment that could have been avoided if we had checks and balances to the system. This is how we end up with a poor woman dying in front a hospital with two unborn babies in her womb because we have a minister of health --in some Beti land, far removed from the people he is supposed to serve--, who does not understand what defining a comprehensive public health policy is all about. I have written a lot of articles about how a government of the people should work.

Let us all understand that while good governance can greatly improve the lives of the people, a bad government can be a huge impediment to the lives of a people. When your government decides to break your homes --leaving entire families homeless-- in the name of a stupid soccer competition that will in the end bring us nothing, we must pause for reflection and think for a minute who is this government really working for. When government increases the price of gasoline at the pump to the highest levels of all of Africa, the price of telephone communications to one of the highest levels in the world, when the government penalizes the people at their sea port in Douala with custom duties for a 40 foot container three to four times higher than in most African countries like Nigeria, Kenya or Ghana, when a government refuses to address the problems of water shortages, power outages, unsafe roads, no access to health care, while encouraging beer and alcohol drinking --even for minors--, then it must be a government that is out to destroy the moral fiber of its people. It must be a rogue government that is not there to serve the people.

When we achieve these reforms, the Government of people will be closer to the people in their elected Governor who understands their daily lives and challenges. A locally elected governor of the people is better placed to find solutions to the problems of the people such as providing clean water, electricity, decent housing, safe roads, etc... A local government will be more empathetic and more responsive to the needs, the demands and the problems of the people, who will have the power to hold it accountable every four years at the ballot box. And you don't need a Doctorat or be a Professeur agrege or a graduate from the so called ENAM to understand this. Good governance of, by and for the people must necessarily be closer to the people that it seeks to govern. It is just simple and basic common sense !

A Government of the people, by the people and for the people must be closer to the people. A centralized government in some far distant Beti land where the tribal arrogant folks have no respect for the humanity and the dignity of others has not served our country in the last 34 years. And a people who do not learn from their recent history are a people who are doom to commit the same errors over and over again. 

People, we must understand that Freedom is not free. If you want a better life, then you must stand up and fight for it. The tyrant cannot be wished away. He will go not away on his own. He must be forced to submit to the will of a determined people. If you live in a free country like the US or in Europe and you admire their freedom, it is precisely because the people there had paid the sacrifice for their Freedom. It is because the people there once fought for the freedom and the liberty that we take for granted. We must now fight for ours.

Your own country is not free because your people have not fought for it. Countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, S. Africa –all of which have their own currency are as such because their people once stood up and fought for it. In Cameroon, you don’t have a currency because you have not fought for it, so you have it not. Ask and ye shall receive so says your Bible !!

A fearful people do not deserve freedom let alone a country. If you want a country, if you want freedom, you must be ready to fight and perhaps die for it. If not, you will surely perish and die in captivity and slavery, under generational poverty, and under the bondage of your tyrant. It is up to you.


“A Government of the people, by the people and for the people must necessarily be closer to the people that it seeks to govern.” –ANST Fraternity Order--

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