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A tribute to the victims of the train derailment in Cameroon.

Lessons to the people of Cameroon

Our condolences go to the families who have lost loved ones in this horrific and tragic accident that could have been prevented had the leaders of this enslaved country had some brains and respect for human lives. Let the lives of these victims be forever memorialized in the testimonies of this sad and dark history of our country during these depressing times.


Cameroon and its people have been through too much pain and suffering under the curse of a few evil men who cling to power at all cost without any respect for the dignity and humanity of the people of Cameroon.

This horrendous tragedy is just one of the never ending agony of a people who have lost all the hopes that human existence on earth has to offer. Cameroon has the bad luck to be a country where a handful of tribalistic oligarchs, entrench in the tribal politics of corruption, tyranny and fear have hijacked the country and the destiny of an entire generation of a people.

It must be abundantly clear by now that their Switzerland citizen President Paul Biya –who spends more time in his new home country than in Cameroon-- has nothing to offer to the people of Cameroon, but yet clings to power without the consent of the people and accountability. Why is this man still President of Cameroon ? What for ? It is truly pathetic to be called a Cameroonian these days.  

An incompetent  Government run amok, led by a minister of transportation who instructs another buffoon at the CAMRAIL to increase the number of wagons on a train without due diligence and ever being cautious of the limits of the capacity specifications of a train. In what century are the leaders of this enslaved country are living in ?

We understand that these underdeveloped and enslaved plantations of FrancAfrique do not manufacture anything, even as they consume everything the world ever made. But even when you are a generational consumer, you should at least know the specifications limits of the thing you consume. Or shouldn't you ?

An air plane, a train, a ship, a vehicle or any machine that is used to transport goods or people --or anything for that matter--, has capacity specifications limit. Or does it not ?

And the basic thing that a minister of transportation –of all people-- should know or find out, are the limitations of such capacity specifications such as those of Air planes, Trains, ships, automobiles or any other utility of public transportation. That is the most basic elemental job of anyone who can be dignified with the title of Minister of transportation or who can be deemed fit to run CAMRAIL, Sotuc or whatever other structure that is responsible to oversee any kind of public transportation of goods and people.

But not in Francophone Cameroon in the 21st Century. Because we have a broken road somewhere, --while the tired Nkukuma is asleep at the switch in Switzerland--, the buffoons that he left behind to run jail-plantation decided to add 8 or 10 more wagons to a train that was meant to pull 6.

As a result of this thoughtless and reckless decision from an incompetent Minister, more than 500 people –by some account-- lost their lives and many more gravely wounded with scares that will last a life time.

And the aftermath of the tragedy, a President who is missing, nowhere to found. A Switzerland citizen resting somewhere in far country where there is electricity, clean water, safe public transportation, good hospital, while his own people are crawling in abject poverty and lacking of the basic infrastructure of daily necessities. Welcome to the Cameroon of Paul Biya.

This has become the daily reality of this cursed country called Cameroon. A country whose old and tired tribal President spends more time in foreign countries than in his own. A country where the Government only interacts with the people to terrorize and tyrannize them, increase gasoline prices, break their homes for no good reason in the name of some stupid soccer competition which will in the end bring nothing to the people of the country. You hear news of helpless families going homeless because a senseless tyrannical government has unilaterally made some thoughtless and stupid decision that does not acknowledge the far reaching dire consequence in the daily lives of the people.

People, Cameroon is in the abyss of humanity. The people of Cameroon are slaves and hostages entrapped in the claws and shackles of a secret society tyrant surrounded by his tribal cronies.

What is equally pathetic are the blind religious preachers running around telling the people about some imaginary prophecies of things to come, while poisoning the minds of the people --with a 2000 years old esoteric gospel writings-- that they do not comprehend nor understand. These pretenders are just as guilty as the oppressor. Let the following be known to the people of Cameroon. 

1-    God will never come down from heaven to free a people, and certainly not a people like the ones of Cameroon. In the whole of human history, people have freed themselves through revolutions, rebellion and disobedience to tyrants and despots. It is the only way.

For those who are Christians, read your old testament very carefully again. In the book of exodus, Moses freed the Jewish people from bondage and slavery from a ruthless and brutal Pharaoh in Egypt. This happened through a violent and bloody revolution during which the Pharaoh had to surrender to the resistance of a determined people and had to ultimately let them go.

Martin Luther king Jr marched hundreds of miles and taught the black people of America to stand up for what they know to be right. It was brutal and bloody, but in the end, civil rights and liberties were achieved.

Nelson Mandela spent some 27 years in prison fighting to free the people of South Africa. It was a mercilessly bloody and long struggle, but in the end the apartheid system was dismantled.

We can say the same Gandhi in India, the French Revolution that led the King to the guillotine, the Spanish revolution, the American Revolution against the Brits etc…

Through all of mankind's history, a people must stand up and fight for what they know is right to obtain freedom and justice at the altar of creation, or they will surely perish and die in slavery and captivity.

In all of human history, while prayers and supplications to the Most High can bring strength and comfort to a people, in and of itself, prayers of any kind have ever freed a people. And rest assured that no prayers can change a Tyrant’s heart. You can pray all you want, you can scream to the heavens all day and night, the tyrant will not relent, he will pity not you, and he will only keep enslaving you.

Until the people rise up and fight back for their freedom, Paul Biya will be your tyrant for as long as he lives. Paul Biya will hold back the destiny of an entire generation of people for as long these people do nothing. Paul Biya will continue to terrorize, tyrannize, kill, and enslave the people of Cameroon for as long the people stand idly bye. The tyrant’s stony heart has no mercy, and only a stony revolution will chase it him out.

2-    Freedom is never free; it must be fought for and bled for at the altar of creation. If you live in USA or in Europe and you like it there, it is precisely because some brave people before you fought for the Freedom of the land that we now enjoy freely and take for granted.

Always remember that other people have fought for the freedom for the life you now enjoy. They have sacrificed for you. And the question is: When are you going to sacrifice for others? If we want your country to be free, then you must wake up and fight with the hope that someday, you may be free or that our children could live in a free country, where France is not stealing all of your petroleum and forestry, where Bollore is not controlling your Sea port and ripping you off with high custom duties and high gasoline prices, where France is not controlling your currency from Paris and keep you in generational poverty and slavery.

3-    In this world of men, to truly be free, you must be ready to die. Yes, people, you must transcend death to earn your freedom. To have a country, you must be willing to fight and perhaps die for it. The cowards and the wimps who stand idly bye do not deserve a country and certainly do not deserve to be free. Freedom is only achieve when the “Alpha males” of a society stand up and are ready for the ultimate sacrifice to protect their country and their people. If you are not ready to fight and die for a just cause, you will surely die in fear and slavery. All the species of God's creation instinctively know how to fight for their freedom. Try to catch a snake, a bee, a bush dog or a cat or any creature that God ever created and tell me your experience. 

Remember, God will not come down from heaven to free you. You must free yourself or you and your children will perish as slaves. That is the reality of the world of men. Stand up and fight for something or die trying, or else die slowly in vain or for nothing..

4-    Your life only makes sense on this earth if your story fits within a bigger story. Your life is only meaningful if you are part of a cause bigger than yourself. The fact of the matter is that, whether or not you live tomorrow, the Universe will continue without you, the Sun will shine the next day as if you did not exist. So your life is only meaningful when you connect it to a just and larger cause than your small self..

In the overall scheme of the Universe and creation, what matters is the cause which you stand for and not you.  For the cause never dies, but we do. People come and go, the cause of hope lives forever. That should be our mission on earth. And let your fears do not overwhelm you, for the one thing you do know is that you will die someday, so you may very well die for a cause that could make the world a better place, if not for you, for hour children, brothers and sisters, and others.

If you love your country, stand up for the cause to free it. At least if you die, you would have died for a noble cause. The 500+ people who perished in the train crash died in vain if we don;t ask for change. They died for nothing if we do nothing. And our people die every day in car accidents that could be prevented with good roads, they die in front of hospitals for lack of treatment, they die every day everywhere for lack food, clean water, decent housing, and they die every day for nothing.

All these deaths could have served a purpose if they died defending a cause to make life better for themselves, their children or for others. This is the belief that led Martin Luther King Jr to sacrifice for the black people of America. It is what kept Mandela fighting for more than 27 years. It is what got Moses to stand up to the pharaoh to free the Jewish people from bondage in Egypt. You were told, it is what got Jesus to die on the cross for mankind. All these heroes stood up for a cause bigger than themselves. They stood up not for themselves but for a cause, because the cause is eternal, but human life is not.

5-    Let not Christianity teach you to turn the other cheek. Let not your preacher tell you that what is happening to you and to Cameroon is the will of God. It is not !  If God had a will, it could not be to enslave and punish his creation. The calamities you see and experience in Cameroon --and the world-- are the will of evil men and not of God's. And only man can stand up and fight it. And if you choose to stand idly bye, you are as guilty and complicit in your silence as the perpetrators.

The Universe has given us free wills. It is up to us to use it for better or worse. It is man’s responsibility to stand up for what he knows to be right. For if he doesn’t, it is his choice and not God’s.  Let not the preacher tell you that Paul Biya is God’s will to the people of Cameroon. It is not. Paul Biya is only there because the good spirit of the Cameroonian people has failed to stand up for what is right.

God created you free. But the will of evil men has enslaved you. And as long as the people allow it, they will forever remain slaves and die as slaves. It is up to them.

The Christian Bible that your preacher carries will not free you. In fact, it was not even meant to be understood literally. The Bible verses are Greco-Roman codes written with a literary genre known as typology and hypocorism. When you read it, what you understand is not what the authors meant. You will need the key to decipher the true interpretation behind the codes. And these keys are what the modern secrets societies such as Freamasonry, Amorc, the Vatican, the Jewish Kabbalah are protecting.

The preachers of the oppressed lands of FrancAfrique should be preaching Liberation theology. A kind of theology that teaches the people how to free themselves from slavery and bondage. This is what Moses thought to the Jewish people when they were in captivity in Egypt. This is what MLK, Mandela, Gandhi and other freedom fighters did. Man must free himself from mental and physical slavery. If he doesn’t, he will surely perish in slavery and in captivity, and so will his children. It is up to them.



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