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In all developed --and developing-- countries in the world, the youths are strongly encouraged to participate to their nation’s selective services. The duration of the this voluntary selective --or military oriented--  service can vary from 6 to 12 months. During the selective service training, the young people are taught the discipline, the responsibilities and the exercise of patriotism to their country. They are taught what love for country really means and how it is operationalized in the daily lives of the citizens.  They are taught their basic constitutional duties to their country and the meaning and respect for the constitution of their country.  But even more importantly, these young people are initiated into military services and are taught the basics of defending their homeland.


Our young people must understand that we should only deserve to have a country if we are willing to fight to protect it. If not, others will come and take your country and its resources away from you. It is that simple. If you read Bible’s old testament, you will realize that this was true 2000 years ago and it is still true today.

In some countries like Israel, the military training is mandatory for all young people between the ages of 18 to about 26.

What does a selective service –or military training-- can do to our young people? Well, selective service for our young people will prepare our youths for any prospective call to duty for their country --such as a war or a natural disaster--, but more importantly, it will teach them the true meaning of what their country represents to them. It gives our young people a new sense of citizenry, patriotism and fatherland --all which transcends tribes, ethnicity, gender, and religion--. A well designed selective service can be the linchpin that brings our people together around a common creed for the nation. A creed that is above tribes, ethnicity and lingual origin. The young people in Cameroon today have lost all sense of what their country means to them.

To many Cameroonians, the word patriotism is mostly an abstraction devoid of any deeper sense and meaning of the term. Many of them have never served their country in any capacity and do not feel any profound attachment to their nation except perhaps when it comes to supporting the very easily “defeatable” “indomitable Lions”.

Most of the young people I met in the USA –blacks, white, Hispanics— have been in the military –for a least a year— and have served their country in some capacity in the form of a selective service. Some of them have been on active tours in Iraq or Afghanistan by the time they are 23 years of age. The older ones have been to Vietnam or Korea.

After the September 11th attacks, many of these young Americans came out and volunteered to go to war in Afghanistan to fight for their country in defense of their homeland, their Liberty and Freedom.

And that is because these young Americans, during their selective training to their country, had learned the discipline, the respect and the honor for their nation. They learned the notion of love for country and to sacrifice for it if and when it becomes necessary. The mental, emotional and physical training they received during their selective service to their nation had strengthened their beliefs in the high ideals of their nation. They have learned how to take pride for the flag of their country, how to understand the constitution of their country and its deeper meaning, all of which gives them a profound understanding of what their country and their fatherland mean to them.

And last but not the least, they learned how to operate a firearm, a riffle or a grenade launcher.  They learned the basic of warfare which are indispensable to protect their liberty, their freedom, their sovereignty of their nation, and their posterity. They learned some basics of self-defense, and all the things that can be useful to defend themselves individually and collectively.  As President John F. Kennedy once said: “Ask not what your country can do for you. But ask what you can do for your country”. People, this is what true citizenry and patriotism mean.

It is inconceivable that a country like Cameroon should still rely on the French Military –or the French youths-- to come to its rescue when the country is under attack by a small rag tag terrorist group like Boko Haram. It is inconceivable that in the 21st century, our young and hefty people, roaming our streets drinking beer and dancing Makossa and Bikutsi would be running away screaming when a small rag tag terrorist threatens our people in the streets of the Northern part of the country. It is inconceivable that the overwhelming majority of our people –current and past generations— have never operated a small firearm, a riffle and may not even know what a gun looks like.

Young people of any nation in the 21st century must know how to defend their country. They must be predisposed if necessary to defend their fatherland, to bleed for it if necessary, and that means knowing how to operate a firearm in a war setting to defend your country.

This is what differentiates the free countries of the world from the oppressed and enslaved ones. In this world of men, you must be ready to die to be free. There is no freedom for the cowards or those who never learned that freedom only comes with your mental predisposition to sacrifice for it.

The colonial master who wants to keep our people in perpetual slavery and generational poverty does so with the use of its weapons. And he knows too well that the people of FrancAfrique are all too weak and cowards to fight for their resources, their freedom and their country.

To enslave a people, you need to create the following two necessary conditions:

1-    Economic Poverty: The first thing to do keep a people enslaved is to keep them poor. Poverty creates dependency and dependency make a people vulnerable to enslavement. When people are poor, their minds are too expended to meet only the basic necessities of daily living such as food and shelter. They have no time to think highly of themselves.

So the slave master --and the house negro dictator-- understands that if you are kept in perpetual poverty, you will always be dependent and vulnerable to enslavement. Furthermore, they setup the house negro dictators in FrancAfrique to terrorize and tyrannize the people to fear and submission, so that they surrender their freedom and their country’s resources without a fight. The slave master –and his house negro President-- knows that the one thing human beings are afraid of is to die, so he dares you to try.

The freest people of the world are those who are ready to sacrifice and die for their freedom.

Don’t get me wrong, we must cherish human life at all cost, but if we must die, it is better to die for a just cause than to die slowly in captivity and generational poverty while refusing cowardly to fight for your liberty and the freedom for others.

This is what differentiates the American, the Chinese, the Korean –and other-- youths from around the world to those of FrancAfrique.

The young people of FrancAfrique have never been taught the notion of love and sacrifice for country which the selective service is meant to teach. And so the fear to die has made them ever so vulnerable to the oppressor to whom our people have surrendered their dignity and their rights to their own resources.

2-    Disarming the people: The second thing to do keep a people in slavery is to disarm them. Never allow them to acquire the capabilities to defend themselves. That way the people have no way to fight back. So, while they live in poverty and fear in the face of oppression and tyranny from their leaders and the slave master, --who steals all their resources--, they have no way to stand up and fight back.

It is for the later reason that the founding fathers of the United States of America –for good or for bad— enshrined the right for everyone to bear arms in the second Amendment of the constitution of the Land. The idea was that the people should be able to defend themselves against internal tyranny or external threats if it becomes necessary.

Like it or not, firearms and guns –for good and for bad— are the most effective protector and guarantor of the freedom of a people and a nation. A War can be a good thing when the end result is to free a people from bondage and enslavement as was the case in World War II or Vietnam War for the vietnamese people, or the Algerian war to chase out the French. Wars of Liberation are good wars for a people to set a precedence for the cost of their freedom and sovereignty. For he who never once fought for his freedom certainly does not deserve it.

Weapons in the hands of a few in the military is what the dictator –and the slave master— uses to oppress his people. When a people can equip themselves with firearms, they have the equalizer of the tyrant who will be forced to negotiate or set the people free.

A people who can’t defend themselves are at the mercy of oppression, tyranny and enslavement either by their own leaders or by the colonial slave master who will come and steal all their resources while they watch hopelessly and helplessly as their country is being robbed before their very eyes, with no capabilities to defend it.

People, Freedom is not free. It must be fought for and sometimes bled for at the altar of creation. The slave master only fears one thing: a people who can defend themselves. And when the oppressor, who is just as afraid of death as you are, realizes that you are ready to strike back and fight, he will either run away or quickly grant your freedom.

That is precisely why, you hear of nations like Iran or North Korea desperately trying to get nuclear weapons. Because they know that a nuclear weapon is the great equalizer, and no one in his right mind will dare come to their shores to threaten, to exploit or to enslave them.

The reason FrancAfrique will continue to remain the milk cow of the European Union is because these poor and enslaved nations do not prepare their youth to defend their country against the foreign threats of neocolonialism. Instead the house negro President has outsourced the security and the safety of his country to France --just as they did with FCFA currency-- which then uses the agreement as a pretext to setup military bases in FrancAfrique --not to protect the country-- to steal our resources, rig elections and rescue the house Negro dictator when things get out of control. --Case Blaise Compaore--. 

And so France’s goal is to keep these countries poor, enslaved and disarmed. That way the people can’t defend themselves and have no choice but to surrender their resources.

Why isn’t France going to the Middle East to get oil? The Middle East has plenty of oil and is nearer to them than FrancAfrique. Why isn’t the EU going to Russia to get free natural gas where you find it in abundance?

Well, in the first case, the people of the Middle East, are armed to the teeth and the Arab youths will fight you to the last drop of blood if you dare. In the second case, Russia has nukes and will not hesitate to roast you if you dare come close to its border.

FrancAfrique is the weakest part of the world that has voluntarily disarmed itself and has no capacity to defend its homeland. So France comes there and takes your resources for free. That is why FrancAfrique will remain the milk cow of the EU in the foreseeable future.

But there are some changes in the horizon. Countries like South Africa, Kenya, Angola, Nigeria, and Ghana are all working to build industries that manufacture guns, grenades, riffles and other light firearms. South Africa and Kenya have instituted voluntary military service for their youths. These countries are already very capable of defending themselves to the best they can and therefore can protect their freedom and their homeland all by themselves.

Because France never wanted the FrancAfrique countries to be fully independent and sovereign nations, it did not encourage these countries to acquire the capabilities to protect themselves by encouraging their youths to military service for their nation. Instead they coerced these countries to sign bogus defense treaties that stipulate that France will come to their rescue if they were under an external threat or attack. But what if the protector –France became the threat or the enemy? How would we defend against the very same one who is supposed to protect us when we have no defense mechanism?

This is what we must change. Cameroon, with its 24 million strong men and women does not need France for any protection whatsoever. What Cameroon needs is to institute a comprehensive voluntary Military selective service for all its young people at the time they are between 18 and 26 years of age. During the selective Service of say 6  months, the young Cameroonian will be taught how to operate a firearm, some basics of self-defense tactics –such as Karate or Kick Boxing--, and will also learn the basics of the constitution of the country, the love for country and notion of patriotism, sacrifice and responsibility to the homeland. These young people will be thought the basics of Guerrilla and urban warfare.

These young people will then continue their civilian careers in whatever fields they choose but can be called upon to defend and fight for their country when necessary. We don’t need France to build Military basis in our homeland under the disguise to protect us, for you know they are not there to protect us. We don’t need France to send its youths to our country to fight Boko haram. For the cost of dealing with an ex-slave master in this manner will inevitably lead to neocolonial exploitation, dependency and ultimately enslavement.

Always remember that dependency weakens a people and dependency leads to enslavement. --like the FCFA currency--. We must teach our own people to be prepared to defend their country if and when it becomes necessary. For you only deserve a country or a Homeland  if you can defend it, and that means being prepared to fight to save it when it becomes necessary.

People, this is what a true and sovereign nation must do. There will be no freedom and sovereignty without the capabilities to defend our Homeland. There will be no sovereignty without our own currency and without a Constitution that is consistent with the aspiration of the people. These are the three pillars upon which any nation must be founded upon: DEFENSE, CURRENCY, and CONSTITUTION. Without these, you do not have a country but rather a neo-colonial plantation. Wakeup people !!


“As a people, we don’t deserve to have a country unless we are ready and willing to protect and defend it.” –ANST—

“Modern weaponry is indispensable to protect and to guaranty the freedom and sovereignty of a nation and a people”. –ANST—

“The three pillars of a sovereign nations are: Defense, Currency and a Constitution” –ANST—




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