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Synopsis: Diagnosis of the root cause of the problem of Francophone Africa.

The French colonialism methodology was a sophisticated and intrusive scheme of brain washing and indoctrination that has totally incapacitated the Francophone African people to think for themselves even long after the colonial master had left the African shores. And till today, the people of FrancAfrique –and especially their leaders-- exhibit their incapacity or inaptitude to think for themselves either by fear, by complex of inferiority or by choice or any combination of these.


The brain washing scheme included sending these African negroes to French colonial schools specifically designed to indoctrinate the negroes and completely reshape the way they think and view the world around them, and to prepare them to serve and defend the master’s interest in the French colonial plantations in Africa now called FrancAfrique.

The colonial educational system was designed to soften the negro's mind so as to predispose him to reconcile himself to the abject lie and aberration that his white Master was superior and that he and his people were inferior, and that disobeying the Master’s orders --even when they were wrong-- was a sacrilege because it meant disobeying God, and as such was seen as a sin or a crime punishable by death.

The most brilliant and most obedient Negroes were rewarded with an office and a place at the master’s table for lunch or dinner, hence the term “House Negro”. The house negro was allowed certain largesses around the Master’s compound, such as sleeping in a bedroom, access to the living room, sit at the dining table, or even allowed intimacy with certain low class white women.

The house Negro was the Negro who had earned the Master’s complete trust. He is the one who speaks French like the master, who thinks like the Master, dances like the Master and only read from the Master’s script. He was not allowed to think for himself or his own people.

The house Negro would defend the Master’s interest even more vehemently than the Master would do for himself. When there was a disturbance or a rebellion in the plantation, the house Negro was responsible to quell the rebellion, to spy on his people, snitch on them, root out the trouble makers and deliver them to be disciplined or killed by the Master.

The house Negro could influence the decision making of the Master and could plead with him to spare a life or to take it. The cruel and dirty work of punishing and killing the disobedient or rebellious slaves was sometimes left to the house Negro’s discretion. So the house negro's job was to restore order and obedience in the Master's plantation by all means necessary, even if it meant killing his own people.

And it is precisely these house Negroes who became Presidents of FrancAfrique countries in the wake of the phony independence in the 60s. And it is these house Negroes or their family lines –direct or indirect—who are still running the plantations of FrancAfrique even after 50+ years of the so called independence.

The Francophone house Negro plantation managers – or phony Presidents-- have been indoctrinated to think like the Master and for the Master, and to put the Master’s interest before that of their own people and their own countries. And that is why the people of FrancAfrique are perplexed, not fully understanding the root cause of their problem which is really the residual effects and affects of the French colonialism in the minds of the house negroes who are running the French plantations of the FCFA-led Francophone sub-Saharan Africa. The FrancAfrique leaders and Presidents have been systematically formatted and indoctrinated –through education, dictatorship, political assassinations, France’s tyranny and oppression, etc..-- to only protect the French master’s interest at the expense of their own countries and people.

Interestingly, only in Francophone Africa you will find people still thinking to put another country’s interest –the Master’s interest-- before theirs in the 21st century. And what is sorrowful with the Francophone Black African man’s predicament is that the white French man does not like him, does not respect him and considers him an inferior specie. But the house Negro insists he wants to remain a slave and will prevent his fellow countrymen from seeking Freedom from the tyranny of the Master.

People, this mentally deranged state of mindset of the people of FrancAfrique is called mental slavery. And this form of slavery is more dangerous than the physical form of slavery in which the slave was restrained with whips and shackles, because the Master is no longer on our shores carrying whips, lashes, shackles and chains. This strain of enslavement is mental because it is directly wired in the slave’s mind and sub-consciousness in an indelibly way, and remains active long after the Master has left our shores. The slave’s mind is conditioned and programmed to only obey the Master and he is acting like a rogue agent who sub-consciously destroys his own people and his own country from within.

The mental slave is the sole executioner of the Master’s will and desires on our shores. He is the enemy from within, who has signed an agreement with the devil to betray his own people. He is the cancer that we must extirpate to free our countries from within. The traitor that is holding back the destiny of an entire nation and people.

Francophone Africa is the shame of sub-Saharan Africa in the 21st century. It is the stigma, the stereotype that has stained the conscience of all of Africa and the black race. The state of Francophone Africa is the reason why the rest of mankind have so much disdain and lack of respect for the African people, as the world is flabbergasted and perplexed to watch a group of people who do not want to be free.

Whenever I discuss the FCFA predicament with my Chinese, Indian, African Americans, and even Kenyans or South Africans friends, they all wonder in shock and ask the question: How can that be ? What kind of a people are these ? What kind of human specie is this ?

Every specie in God's Universe aspires to be free. Birds, animals and all living creatures in the Universe will run away from anyone who tries to restrict or restrain their freedom. But the leaders of FrancAfrique do not want to be free, they do not want to own their own resources, they do not want to have their own currency, they do not want to become masters of their own destiny, they dare not !. So, who are these people ?

How can a man, --the Francophone Black man--, in the 21st century, refuse to be free, refuse to have his own currency, refuse to self-determine, refuse to assume the responsibility to be his own man, refuse to create a better future and country for himself and his own people ? How can a man be in such a state of consciousness of self-hatred and self-denial so as to not want to free himself from a French Master who does not like him, does not respect him and considers him inferior ? How can this be in the 21st century where virtually all parts of the world have been set free ?

Mental slavery is deep subconscious disorder that renders the human mind incapable of thinking for itself. Mental slavery is when the mind has been conditioned and indelibly tattooed to only think one way, to always see things in only one way, and always arrive at the same result, irrespective of the level of education. Whether they be “Professeur aggrege or Docteur d’Etat”, it wouldn’t matter because the mind is trapped in slavery and can’t function expansively, comprehensively, imaginatively, creatively and independently.

As the former South African President Thabo Mbeki exclaimed during a negotiation in the Ivory Coast internal affairs, "the Ivorians would go to the phone every 15 minutes to call Paris" for answers that are before their eyes, and yet they refuses to see. This explains why these house Negro Presidents would line up in France asking for their marching orders, even when the solutions to their problems are starring them in the face.

Francophone Africa perpetuates the stigma and shame of the black race of Africa. And this is especially highlighted when the world sees the dead bodies of Africans washed ashore of the Mediterranean after another overloaded boat has capsized in European waters. Black people from Africa, desperately running away from their own countries and helplessly drowning, while their countries are full of natural resources, full of oil, full of wealth underneath their feet, but somehow their “house Negro President” has pledged to freely give all their resources to France. You see these lifeless, mutilated, abandoned and unidentified bodies, --that probably end up mass buried or mass cremated-- and their Francophone countries of origin do not even ask that the remains of their deads be identified and repatriated. Most countries in the world would always ask that their deceased citizens remains be repatriated back home, except the FrancAfrique countries which do not care about theirs.

“Go to Gabon, Ivory Coast, Cameroon,.. all the natural resources and wealth underneath their feet belong to France. When they find Gold, Diamond, Oil etc.., it belongs to France. That is the agreement…. Equatorial Guinea came out of the agreements and they told us everything.”

–paraphrase of President Robert Mugabe--

France has stolen the future of these Francophone countries. Through the FCFA, they have succeeded in building a vicious cycle of bondage and perpetual enslavement of the FrancAfrique people in the 21st century. Through the French companies like Bollore, Total etc.., they come to these countries, hijack their seaports –and airports-- of exit, steal their resources, ship it to France overnight and leave the people high and dry with the bags of sorrow, despair and generational debts and poverty. Colonial looting at its best in the 21st century. And their Leaders' only concern is to rig elections, manipulate the constitution, kill their people and stay in power indefinitely as long as they serve and defend the Master’s interest.

When you hear Nicolas Sarkozy, former President of France-- screaming from his lungs and I quote:

La France ne peut pas permettre que ces anciennes colonies créent leur propre monnaie pour avoir le contrôle total sur leur banque centrale. Si cela se produit, ça sera une catastrophe pour le trésor public qui pourra entraîner la France au rang de 20 ème puissance économique mondiale. Pas question de laisser les colonies française d’Afrique avoir leur propre monnaie .”  ---Nicolas Sarkozy--

People, make no mistake, Francophone Africa is under French occupation and enslavement. And the scheme is called: The FCFA.

We must pause for reflection and ask the question: Wasn’t slavery supposed to be abolished sometimes in the 1800s ? To Nicolas Sarkozy, the people of FrancAfrique do not have the right to self-determination and self-emancipation ? They do not have the right to decide their own future ?

The truth is that these FrancAfrique countries are neither sovereign nor independent nations and have never been, at least not in the mind of this deranged French ex-President. And if these countries are not independent, then what is the real legal status of these countries, per the United Nations charter ? Why would a French President declare that these countries do not have the right to their own currency ?


The motto of France is “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité”. But the very hypocritical France has refused these very same basic 21st century human rights principles to the Black people of FrancAfrique, human rights that it pretends to preach to the world. Human rights that France itself suffered to recover from the hands of Nazi Germany during the Second World War. In FrancAfrique, there is no Liberté, no Egalité, and certainly no Fraternité. The motto is good for the white Caucasian man of France, but not for the Black man of FrancAfrique ?

FrancAfrique is still under French occupation in the 21st century, and France’s Nicolas Sarkozy’s heinous and condescending statement is clearly a declaration of war to the humanity of the people of FrancAfrique. And nothing short of a massive popular revolution can free these people, because the atomically armed slave Master won’t go away peacefully. France must be forced out, and for that, you all know the solution.

For the most part, the colonial master has already left the African shores. The only thing he left behind is the FCFA currency that routes all the proceeds of our natural resources to the “Compte d’Operation” to the French treasury in Paris, France.

The FCFA is the catalyst that allows the French companies –Bollore, Total and others-- to loot our resources and ship them overnight to France, where the money gets deposited in the Master's treasury.

Poor Nicolas Sarkozy betrayed himself in his heinous screams, because he realizes that the people of FrancAfrique have figured out the Master’s treacherous scheme. It is called the FCFA. The FCFA is the soft spot of the scheme of colonial exploitation and imperialism. It is the weakest link of the scheme. Cut it off and the people will be set free.

The FCFA is the umbilical cord that ties the --FrancAfrique-- slave to the Master. It is the mechanism by which all the proceeds of our natural resources are staged in Paris. When you cut off the FCFA, the money will be rerouted back to our country’s Central Bank when we create our own currency. When we cut off the FCFA, the people of FrancAfrique will be instantly free, and then they can eat their house Negro President for breakfast.

All the talks of the so called PanAfricanism are futile as long as you have the FCFA is still operating in FrancAfrique. You listen to these blind Francophone intellectuals from Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Benin and so forth, going on TV and running their mouths about PanAfricanism, without ever mentioning that a prerequisite to a united Africa is to flush out France from the continent. You can’t unite Africa with the FCFA operating in its bosom. You can’t unite the continent when parts of it are occupied. The rest of Africa is pretty much free, except of the FCFA Africa. There will be no PanAfricanism, with FCFA operating inside of it. There will be no PanAfricanism when Francophone Africa is still trapped in economic slavery. The Freedom of Francophone Africa is a prerequisite to any form of African Unity or any form of PanAfricanism.

However, there will be a cost to this, and our people and countries must be ready to put up the fight and pay whatever the price. Our ancestors fought this fight and were duped with the deceptive independence. The independence without sovereignty that they were tricked to accept as a gift, resulted in an undeserved glory, because the triumph was without peril.

And so, now is the time to go for the final victory. The African people are readily equipped with knowledge and a renewed spirit of hope. The pendulum of the Universe has swung, the urgency of the time is now and the time for Freedom is now.

Freedom is never Free. It must be fought for and bled for at the altar of creation. Let the blood of Um Nyobe, Ernest Ounadie and others, that was spilled be the down payment and the ransom for our Freedom. Liberty and Freedom are your God given rights and not France’s gift to you. Take your Freedom and reclaim your Liberty. It is up to this new generation to finish it off.

Remove the FCFA and we will be forever free from France’s tyrannical occupation, dictatorship, oppression, colonial exploitation and enslavement. It is really up to us as a people.


La France ne peut pas permettre que ces anciennes colonies créent leur propre monnaie pour avoir le contrôle total sur leur banque centrale. Si cela se produit, ça sera une catastrophe pour le trésor public qui pourra entraîner la France au rang de 20 ème puissance économique mondiale. Pas question de laisser les colonies française d’Afrique avoir leur propre monnaie .

---Nicolas Sarkozy--

“Go to Gabon, Ivory Coast, Republic of Congo, Cameroon,.. all the natural resources and wealth underneath their feet belong to France. When they find Gold, Diamond, Oil etc.., it belongs to France. That is the agreement…. Equatorial Guinea came out of the agreements and they told us everything.”

–paraphrase of President Robert Mugabe--


People, Francophone Africa is under French occupation and enslavement. And the scheme is called: The FCFA. --ANST--


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