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FrancAfrique: Uncovering the symbology and the Steganography of the Secret societies. The conspiracy of perpetual exploitation, enslavement and generational poverty of the people of FrancAfrique.


Synopsis: Secret societies members use signs, symbols, body language, body posture to encode the messages that they send to their Masters,  their brotherhood and their congregation. They use an old method of communication known as steganography to embed secret codes in images or writings. –such as the Da Vinci drawings, or the Holy Scriptures--. Once codified, the message can then be transmitted in plain sight, but only the initiates of the high Order of the society can understand and interpret the message.


So, they essentially encode and hide the message in plain sight. And while the uninitiated would not be able to understand the message, the Fraters of the Order would know and understand, because they have been initiated to the meanings of the codes.

The code can be a body language, a swagger, the color of a tie, the placement of a ring, a way to salute or to greet, a lapel pin on a suit etc..

The leaders of FrancAfrique wear a lapel pin on the chest area of their suits, --right on top their heart— to pledge allegiance to the highest Order of the French secret societies. These FrancAfrique Leaders get their orders from France and not from the people that they pretend to represent, protect and serve.

These Presidents and leaders will always defend and protect the slave Master’s interest at all cost at the expense of that of their people and in return, France guaranties them everlasting stay in power. –Sassou Nguesso, Paul Biya, the Bongos, just to name a few--.

When you join a secret society, you become a Brother to the Order, and you vow to keep and protect the secrets of the Order and to protect its interests unconditionally. You essential pledge absolute loyalty, allegiance and submission to the Masters of the Order. It is what the FrancAfrique leaders have done.

The FrancAfrique leaders are the Negroes in slave Masters court, the uncle Toms, the "magic" negro in the Plantation who conspires to oppress and exploit his own people. They are the traitors of this generation of our people. The poor FrancAfrique people --in their rich land-- are suffering  just to live by the day with no water, no electricity, no good roads, no decent medical facilities, no decent housing while all their natural resources are being shipped overnight --by Bollore, Total, Orange etc..-- to the French slave Masters account in Paris. –thanks to the FCFA currency--. And this with the help of the FrancAfrique leaders from within who are ready to terrorize, tyrannize and even kill their own people to protect the slave Master's interest at all cost. 

Our people must understand that the elements of the vicious cycle “FCFA, Colonial Exploitation, Dictatorship and French Secret Societies” are inextricably interlinked. They work in synergy to rob FrancAfrique of all of its natural resources and ship it right to the door step of the slave Master in Paris, France.

These leaders get their marching orders form the Masters of their “Secret Society Order” to whom they have pledged allegiance and not from the people that they pretend to serve and protect.

Part of the fight to free our countries from the shackles of these vampires, is to chase them out of our countries along with the FCFA currency.

This Lapel Pin is The symbology of enslavement of FrancAfrique.

This lapel pin is called L'insigne de chevalier de la Légion d'honneur Francaise”. It symbolizes allegiance, unconditional support and submission to the Republic of France and its secret societies that are at the helm of the power structure of that country. The history of this symbol goes back to the days of Napoleon Bonaparte and today, this symbol represents the highest distinction of faithfulness, submission and loyalty to the Republic of France and its highest secret societies.

This symbol has become the main signal of allegiance to the highest French secret societies, and is worn by those who have pledged full and unconditional allegiance to the Republic of France.

Understandably, the French Presidents and their thieves and looters like the Bollores, the Totals and Orange  can wear this symbol, because their job is to exploit the resources of FrancAfrique, steal our money –thanks to the FCFA-- and repatriate it to France to develop their country, while leaving the people of FrancAfrique in perpetual slavery, generational poverty and mountains of debts that they can never repay. So it makes sense that these French Leaders --and looters-- wear the symbol of their country.

But why should the FrancAfrique Negro Presidents –Biya, Ouatarra, Ali Bongo, Sassou Nguesso etc..-- wear this symbol of colonialism and hatred for their own people ? Why wear a symbol of another country while you pretend to serve FrancAfrique ? Are you working for France or FrancAfrique ? Why not wear a lapel pin with the flag of your country as do American Presidents ?

When the FrancAfrique Leaders wear this lapel pin on their suits --right over their hearts--, they are sending signals to their slave Master in Paris of their pledge and their unconditional and loyal support to France at the expense of their own people.

Secret societies use symbols –hidden in plain sight-- to communicate in public. They use steganography –secret and discrete signs and symbols-- to send a message to their Masters and their congregation.

They prey on the ignorance of the people of FrancAfrique as they conspire with the traitor Presidents of FrancAfrique, the house Negro --in the Plantation-- who enslaves his own people to the benefit of the slave Master.

It is time that the FrancAfrique people wake up and realize that their leaders are betraying them in plain sight using symbols and signs of allegiance and submission to the oppressor, the very Master who has enslaved us now for centuries. Your Leaders are making a mockery of the very high institutions of government of our countries. 

The people of FrancAfrique should demand that all their leaders who love Africa must stop wearing this lapel pin --of shame-- that represents colonialism, inferiority complex, submission and loyalty to the French slave Master.

Every African Leader who wears this symbol is not representing his people and his country. He is a traitor in disguise who represents the colonial slave Masters interest. And he must be chased out in public.

We must demand that our leaders stop wearing this symbol of shame, inferiority complex, perpetual enslavement and generational poverty of the FrancAfrique people. Let those who have eyes see. Your leaders are using steganography right before your eyes to humiliate you. 


“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe that which is not true. The other is to refuse to accept what is true.” ---Soren Keirgegaard---


Powered by the ANST Fraternity






“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe that which is not true. The other is to refuse to accept what is true.” ---Soren Keirgegaard---


Powered by the ANST Fraternity


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